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How to use Instagram stories to get followers?

How to use Instagram stories to get followers?

How to use Instagram stories to get followers, a complete guide. Instagram is a social media platform, where you can share photos and videos via posts and stories.

Instagram doesn’t allow us to download Instagram videos and stories. You only share posts on Instagram using hashtags.

Instagram stories to get followers

We'll be talking about how to get Instagram followers through stories. So if that sounds interesting, let's get right into it. So after the recent updates on Instagram, the story feature has been seeing decreased reach.

The Instagram stories function missing

And that is because the stories cannot rank in hashtags anymore, and your stories also can not rank in location tags anymore.

So beforehand, we all used to know that whenever you post a story and include a certain hashtag or a certain location, chances would be that you could rank with that story in that specific hashtag or in that specific location.

Now, this has changed, unfortunately, with the recent updates. Those story features are gone. And so you might ask yourself what you can do with your stories now at that point.

How you can still be able to reach new people and grow new followers.

And that's exactly what we're going to cover in this blog.

  1. Shareable Instagram stories
  2. And what that means is you want to create stories that are
  3. Unexpected,
  4. Emotional,
  5. Delivering massive amounts of value,
  6.  Entertaining.

Those are ways to create something unique and shareable, no matter if you're talking stories or regular feed.

For example, you can expand your reach and maybe get those who are now seeing your story. Because it's being shared as your own followers, too. If we look at it realistically, we'll see that there are no other options other than

  1. Shareable content
  2. Shareable stories

To reach new audiences outside of your existing audience.

With that hashtag feature gone and the location feature is gone, your story is not being presented and pushed onto the exploration page.

For example, there are no other ways of reaching new people.

So realistically, you have two options left.

The first one is not really using stories to grow followers.

The second option is to put more effort into creating shareable stories and hopefully have them shared by your audience to increase your reach and grow new followers.

But what else can you do to boost your stories and then eventually have them shared and reach new audiences?

Stickers, polls & interactive Instagram stories

The first thing you can do is that Instagram gives you many options within your stories, fortunately, to make them more interesting.

For example, you can include

  1. Polls
  2. Quizzes

Along those lines, you're turning your story, which can only be consumed now, into something interactive with which your audience can interact. And that right there makes stories a lot more interesting for your audience and definitely boosts it within your audience.

Because I've seen personally that Instagram and the algorithm definitely favor those interactive stories over normal stories.

Because, once again, they cannot only be consumed but interacted with, and that is outstanding for your audience and all the other people out there on Instagram. It all comes back to engagement. So no matter what you do on Instagram, get a decent amount of engagement for Instagram to push it, and the same rule applies to stories as well.

So if you have a story that is now interactive and can be engaged with, the algorithm will take it and push it even further in your audience. Hopefully, then your audience will also continue to share that with their audiences and their friends to expand your reach and therefore get more eyeballs onto your content, onto your profile and grow more followers.

So the baseline right here is whenever it fits, include something to make your story interactive. Whether that's a quiz or a poll doesn't really matter. Try to turn your normal story into an interactive story where it gets more interesting for your audience and the Instagram algorithm.


The next thing that you can do to boost your stories is underrated as of right now, and those are live streams. So when you go to creating a story, Instagram gives you the option to go live. And this right there will definitely help you push your story within your existing audience. And live streams are interesting because of a couple of reasons.

The first one is that live streams are live, so it doesn't get more authentic and rawer, which is very interesting for your audience. So whenever you go live, it is the most authentic touchpoint between you and your audience that you could create as a creator. And so that is the first reason you should definitely try going live.

The second reason is that your audience has a lot of opportunities to engage with your live stream. For example, ask you direct questions and get a direct answer to them. The same rule applies right here where you have something that can be engaged with, and Instagram will definitely take that and push it even further in your audience and maybe even beyond that.

So this is the second reason live streams should definitely be on your radar. But we're not stopping there. The next reason is also that live streams get pushed within a feed. So whenever you go onto Instagram onto the home page, you will see all of those bubbles on top of the page with all the stories from the accounts you follow.


There you have it, and those are the options you have as a creator right now.

  1. Using stories,
  2. Pushing stories.
  3. And even growing followers with your story.

So I really hope that you enjoyed today's blog and found it valuable, as always.

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