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How to enhance the speed to solve Questions of Quantitative Section in SSC CGL Exams?

How to enhance the speed to solve Questions of Quantitative Section in SSC CGL Exams?

Quantitative Section comprises topics on mathematics, algebra, geometry, and other advanced mathematics topics. It is considered as one of the trickiest sections of almost all the government job exams such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SBI PO, IBPS CLERK, etc. SSC CGL 2021 exam is round the corner and most of the candidates must have started studying for it. The quantitative section is one of the sections of the SSC CGL exam, let us discuss the time management skills required to score high in this section.

There are some topics in the Quantitative Aptitude section which need speed to solve. Let us discuss some tips to enhance the speed to solve questions of the Quantitative Aptitude section.

1. Learn the basics

There are diverse topics in the SSC CGL syllabus for the QA section. Segregate them and start from the easy topics first. Learn the basic applications of mathematics; these are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Acquire accuracy in the calculations and then look for the patterns of calculations giving similar results. Do not jump to the shortcuts rather learn from the experience and practice. Work hard on basics and understand them well before applying them to any of the questions. It will help you save time once you will acquire speed in calculating.

2. Visualize the calculations

While reading the question try to solve the numbers in mind. It will enhance your speed to calculate. Instead of scribbling on the rough sheet, visualize the answer. It will save you time.

3. Read and analyze the question thoroughly

Read the question thoroughly and understand the instructions given to solve the problem. Analyze and then solve. Develop the habit of solving the practice sets in this manner to enhance speed. If you will practice more in this pattern you will be able to solve the questions quickly and accurately.

4. Learn the tables

Learn the multiplication tables from 1 to 30 and revise them daily. Besides that, learn the square root and cube root tables from 2 to 20. It will enhance your speed if you will learn them by heart. Practice dodging tables to acquire speed. Retain the tables in mind by keeping a regular practice of speed tests from online test series for the SSC CGL exam.

5. Learn Vedic mathematics

Vedic maths tricks are very helpful. Practice them a lot so that you solve big and intricate calculations in seconds. Read the question carefully and choose the adequate technique for the problem. Master the tricks by taking a lot of practice tests on Vedic maths.

6. Focus more on weak topics

Practice and focus more on weak topics by solving more questions on them. Revise them quite often and take doubt sessions if necessary from the subject expert to help you acquire accuracy and speed in solving the questions based on your weak topics. Practice as much as you can to master them rather than just learning them.

7. Learn important formulas and theorems

There is a number of formulas in mathematics. Make a list of them and revise them daily. Similarly, there are theorems in geometry, make a list of them and learn the basic application and revise them daily. Take special practice on theorems as geometry-based questions are lengthy and need speed to save time in the exam.

8. Read the question with concentration

Avoid any distractions while reading the questions to avoid wrong answers. Concentrate on the problem asked and the application required to solve it. You will be able to solve with speed and accuracy. Speed and accuracy are the ultimate tools to score high. Concentration will help you solve them quickly hence avoid looking around and read the question carefully to reach the best answer.

These are some of the significant tips to acquire speed and accuracy to solve the QA section of SSC CGL and other government job exams. Before you reach the exam date Tier 1 of the SSC CGL 2021 exam, it is advisable to master the tricks to enhance speed to solve the QA section. You may join online coaching for the SSC CGL exam or reputed SSC Exam Coaching Chandigarh or elsewhere to get the best training and coaching for the upcoming SSC CGL EXAM and other government job exams.

All the best!!!!

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