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Boost your Web Hosting Business with C-panel and WHMCS Reseller Hosting at Wisesolution

Boost your Web Hosting Business with C-panel and  WHMCS Reseller Hosting at Wisesolution

Do you want to establish a web hosting business? If yes, then surely you need automated and controllable software with a reliable platform to run your business website on the internet. A robust control panel with an advanced expert tool like WHMCS with Reseller hosting is a great choice for you to accomplish or boost your web hosting business. I would like to introduce the WHMCS reseller hosting that allows you to independently handle and manage your website activities for boosting your web hosting business.

Thus, to grab the attention of potential customers and to make your website the center of attraction, you can host your site on the Unlimited WHMCS Reseller Hosting with a reliable web hosting provider like wisesolution. So you can boost your web hosting business easily with whmcs reseller hosting to enhance the advantages of c-panel i.e. a perfect combo to run your website.

Let's go ahead and read the article to get simple ways and steps to smoothly and efficiently run your web hosting business. At the end of the article, readers will surely get the best and appropriate solution for your web hosting business.

The Crucial Factors to Run Web Hosting Business

Do you want simple tricks and strategies to run your web hosting business? Yes! Control Panel is the solution and key factor that allows making server configurations. You can perform many functions without taking permission or assistance from an expert on your WHMCS Reseller Hosting platform. It allows you to easily access the data and perform multiple tasks at a time or schedule a task to process later.

Below mentioned is the list of key factors. It helps you choose the primary factors you should consider to start your web hosting business with cPanel and WHMCS reseller hosting.

Decide Domain Name and Make a Website.

After deciding the business name, the next step is to consider the creative and unique domain name for your website. If there are no options available for your search, then go for a similar name that is easy to spell out and understand for the audience. Just like you have decided xyzhosting.com. But if it is not available, then you can try hostingxyz.com to make your website.

Select a Best Web Hosting for Your Reseller Hosting Business

No doubt, you will find out the broad list of reseller providers in the market. But you need to choose the one offering reliable and cheapest reseller hosting with WHMCS at an affordable or low price. By research over the web, You will find out the cost-effective web hosting packages for your web hosting business that come with quality services. But, You should consider the WHMCS Reseller Hosting by Wisesolution to effectively boost your web hosting business with cPanel.

Get Familiar Features and Software

After finalizing the WHMCS Reseller Hosting platform for your hosting business, ensure you have chosen the right software that is rich in features for your website. But, for that, you need to have some technical skills to shortlist the top-level features and software. So, It would be helpful for you to opt for the user friendly and compatible softwares with a vast range of features. So, you can go with a WHMCS Reseller hosting which offers ultimate features to boost your hosting business.

Check for White Label Support

Ensure your web host provider supports the 100% white label services to offer complete independent hosting. So you can easily resell your hard disk space and bandwidth to end customers. Also, when you resell services, your potential customers will also be completely unaware of the primary web host and won't see the name of your web hosting provider anywhere on your website.

Buy Reseller Hosting and Create Your Own Packages.

After designing and hosting your website, it's time to customize services and re-package the plans. For that, you can check your competitors' pricing and plan to get ideas about pricing. That would help you to decide and make affordable plans for buyers. So it will also help customers to select the appropriate reseller hosting free WHMCS through the site.

Secure Payment Gateway

Security payment plays an imperative role when it comes to the payment gateway. You can offer multiple payment options for secure transactions and ensure users get the different options, including Credit card, debit card, Paypal, net banking, and much more. But offering the payment gateway with the best reseller hosting with WHMCS must be beneficial for both of you and your client for secure transactions.

Use a Corporate Billing Software

Having an online billing system support for a hosting business is a great thing. Also, it is an excellent choice for handling the automated process of your web hosting business. Because you can't be active 24/7 in front of your system to manage and handle the orders. Hence, an automated platform like WHMCS is a great choice and ensures your overall presence and actively receives your orders.

Benefits of WHMCS Reseller Hosting with c-panel

Know the enterprise-grade perks of WHMCS Reseller Hosting with cPanel and boost your web hosting business by enjoying these exclusive benefits.

Security of hosting package

Being a Reseller Hosting, you can purchase the Reseller Hosting with WHMCS from the parent web hosting company to create the reseller hosting subpackage and make it ready to use for your end customers. Apart from offered security with reseller packages, you can additionally provide McAfee, Malware protection, DDoS protection, Inbuilt security software, and many advanced security threats. cPanel and WHM offer you excellent access to your security center that enables you to provide add-on security with ease.


Many web hosting providers offer a wide range of services, but the reseller web hosting foothold its presence in the web hosting industries by providing high customization services and packages. They understand what the customers want and customize plans according to their business needs. So customization is possible to boost your web hosting business because of the higher tools like WHMCS and cPanel.


Although applying all the security measures, a point comes where the malware defends and attacks your customer or user's website. Hence, cautions to take proper backups will be the best solution that saves your business from undergoing major loss in terms of sales and money. With WHMCS and cPanel, you can offer great data backup services to your clients and end customers.

Ability to Monitor and Manage Server Health

When customization of hosting packages is done, you need a platform or tools that take care of your server health and instant deployment to continuously boost your web hosting business. At that moment, you can host your website on the reseller hosting with WHMCS that handles an online billing system to manage the client's payments, generate an invoice, handle signups, support, and smoothly put your business in a user-friendly control.

Wisesolution- The Best WHMCS Reseller Hosting Provider

You can rely and put your faith on the Wisesolution as your Best Web Hosting Provider for giving you enterprise-grade resources. The platform provides various types of web hosting including Reseller Hosting with WHMCS. They offer advanced services such as promoting optimized performance, 99.99% uptime, and a completely automated prompt for secure billing with a manageable server configurations system, i.e. control panel. It is helpful to enhance or boost your web Hosting business through cPanel and WHMCS.


Concluding the fact that WHMCS and cPanel are both different tools that differ entirely in their functionality. When both these tools are used in combination with unique features and premium benefits, they can perfectly manage and give a cutting edge flow to your web hosting business. Thus, if you want to boost your web hosting business, then you can choose Reseller Hosting with WHMCS and c-panel to enjoy the amazing advantages. For the best web hosting provider, Wisesolution is the best choice for you, you can choose a cheap WHMCS Reseller Hosting plan with all required features and services. 



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