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Different Types of Funding Sources for Startup

Different Types of Funding Sources for Startup

Business is a rapidly-growing field in today’s world, and it needs a lot of planning and strategy for starting a business in the first place. Getting a suitable business loan for your startups becomes very easy when you have many funding sources by your side. 

The loans such as CGTMSE loan, MSME loan, etc., help people get their business loans in a very peaceful and fantastic manner and give a great platform and opportunity for the young and talented people to work on their startups and make them successful in very little time-span and efforts. 

Different Types of Funding Sources for StartUps:

Family & Friends: 

Our family and friends are the most important people in our lives and whatever we earn is for their happiness in the first place itself. Similarly, your family can also help us make our startups successful by investing in strategies and plans and helping you build your business right from scratch. This way is far better than any loan, whether they be Msme business loan, shop loan, etc. because this investment will be locked in your family & friends itself.

Crowd funding:

This type of funding source includes taking loans in a minimal amount and from many people. The process of this funding source is from an online medium, just like the other loans, and people can avail of these funds in the same way as they follow the procedure of MSME loan apply.

Angel Investors:

Angels in the business field are those people who have a lot of fund stock with them and want to invest them in the most appropriate business or startup. These angel investors will make your funding process easier when compared to the people who apply for a business loan or invest in the MSME loan scheme in the first place. The above types of funding sources can be availed of by the people through CGTMSE loan and some other types of loans. For the same reason, people should adequately consider all these sources very ideally in the first place and get great benefits for their startups for sure. 

Venture capital:

Whether its a start-up or an MSME business, venture capitalists is a very good option for business funding. Although these venture capitalists plays a role of a third party investors are there to assist you with the fast funding for small businesses, their criteria may vary. Venture capitalists are professionals who like to invest in small scale enterprises, where they see good returns and growth. VCs usually have a 5-year time period on recovering their investment with competitive returns.

Government Grants:

To assist the growth of the MSME sector, the Government of India has launched various schemes to inspire young entrepreneurs for their start-ups. To do so, they have launched an initiative of Start-up India scheme that aims to fund 10000cr. Rupees to start-ups by 2020.

Under the Mudra scheme, the loan scheme is divided into three categories – Shishu (loan up to 50,000), Kishor (from 50,000 – 5 lakhs) and Tarun (from 5 lakhs-10 lakhs).

The best options would be to opt from business loan options that grant you quick funding for your small business with low-interest rates and the one with minimal documentation and without collateral. The leading NBFCs such as Ziploan can assist for all those small businesses that are in need of urgent funds and can be aided without many formalities.

Loans from NBFCs

NBFCs are financial institutions that provide financial assistance and are covered under the regulation of RBI. With their online application process, one can fill in the application and upload documents online hassle-free. This process is possible via their website through online business loan option or even via business loan app.

NBFCs let business entrepreneurs avail a business loan with the required eligibility criteria and minimal documentation, without any collateral. NBFCs are gaining much popularity in the last few years in the financial market as they are not just safe, efficient, but also a medium for quicker funding for small businesses.


1. What are the two most essential and primary sources of funding in businesses?

The two most essential and crucial funding sources in the businesses can be listed as equity & dept. Both these aspects contribute equally to the funding facility and offer excellent resources for their business or MSME loan.

2. What is the term of the various funding sources of the StartUps?

The terms of various funding sources for startups can be divided into two types. These types are long term funding sources and short term funding sources. Both these sources are available for all kinds of startups coming through the MSME loan scheme.

3. What are the benefits of applying for startups through MSME Loan schemes?

There exist some fantastic and incredible benefits of applying for startups through MSME Loan schemes. The first and most important is the excellent concession in either the principal amount or rate of interest given to the approaching businessmen.

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