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Why Honor Smartphones are Worthy to Buy and Which one is Best?

Why Honor Smartphones are Worthy to Buy and Which one is Best?

There are days when we use phones just to place calls but nowadays smartphones can send messages, be used for taking pictures, have access to the internet, and much more. However, smartphones are also able to connect you with the world. Ok so the question is what a person sees in any phone before purchasing it here are some of its important factors:

Qualities of Honor smartphones

Provide Good Battery Timings

A smartphone user is doing much more than just placing calls and sending texts so for that a user needs good battery timings.

A Good Camera

Choose a smartphone with a good quality camera. If you’re a camera person and almost capture all of your moments then you have to make sure about the camera quality of a phone before purchasing it.


In close proximity to Field Communications, your smartphone can pass data to other nearby telephones and tablets. It' s very helpful to swap music and images. In supermarkets and restaurants, you can also use it to pay for it.

Wireless Charging Device

For those who wish to plug in your phone, this is a helpful tool. Set and charge. Just set and charge it. Do not worry; it is completely safe to charge wirelessly.

Provides Good Storage Capacity

Make sure to pick a smartphone that has good storage capacity. It is very frustrating that a notification suddenly appears on your phone showing that you don’t have enough space to download the following file on your phone.

A Good Screen Size

The screen size of the phone is also a very important factor but if you have small hands, then you might not go for a big-screen phone and if you’re a phone addict who watches videos and plays games then a phone with a big screen is a good option to choose.

Which Honor is Worthy to Buy

All Honor smartphones are worthy to buy, but personally I loved Honor 9A smartphone. Honor 9A is a good phone because of its advanced features and magnetized display. It comes with incredible battery life, a full view display, ultra-wide triple camera. I wonder how a phone with all these features comes at an affordable price. Thanks to Honor. Let’s take a look at features of Honor 9A smartphone.


Honor 9A has an IPL (LCD) display. It comes with a 6.3 inches touchscreen display with a resolution of 720×1600 Megapixels.


Honor 9A comes in three gradient colors Phantom Blue, Midnight Black, and Ice Green.


Honor 9A has 13 Megapixels primary camera and 8 megapixels of front camera. It includes features like digital zoom, auto flash, touch focus, and many more.


Honor 9A has 3GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage.


Honor 9X provides good battery timings to its user. It has a 5000 MAH Nonremovable battery. 5000 MAH battery means you can easily go through a day on a single charge.

Other Options

Other options of Honor 9A includes wifi, GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, Mini USB, 3G, and 4G. Honor 9A is a budget smartphone made with a pure hardware front. If you’re looking for a good phone then honor 9A is a good option to choose.

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