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Selling an Apartment Now or Wait for the New Year: Expert’s Advice

Selling an Apartment Now or Wait for the New Year: Expert’s Advice

There are many situations when a person or family needs to think about selling real estate. There are circumstances when you just need to improve your housing situation – a child was born, three generations live in a two-room apartment, and you are not satisfied with the area and location. The need for a large amount of money and urgent migration to another city also make it necessary for individuals to sell the house. Presently, the issue of selling a home is compounded by panic amid the spread of coronavirus, high rate of unemployment, and unstable economic conditions in general. Should you sell an apartment or wait for the new year (so that the situation gets better and you can make a portable real estate transaction)? Let’s elaborate now.

Categories of Residential Property Sellers:

You can divide the owners of residential real estate into two categories::

● Owners who need to sell their real estate property, but there is time to "sell.” They may postpone the sale to a later date.

● Owners who need to sell their property urgently.

What Is Happening In The Real Estate Market Now?

Let’s talk about the real estate market at present. It is necessary to immediately divide the entire real estate market into two components – the primary real estate market and the secondary real estate market. If earlier the housing cost in these markets was tightly correlated, now there are some differences in the business activity charts. Buy my house for cash in Arkansas

The Status of Primary Real Estate Market- The Housing Market In New Buildings

The market of new buildings on sale is starting to gain people’s attention little by little. It received a lot after a period of quarantine measures and self-isolation in the spring of 2020, when the number of purchase and sale transactions fell to its historical minimum. State measures to support the purchase of homes and the improvement of their living conditions, new legislative norms to change the procedure, and maternity capital payments have played a positive role in the recovery of the primary real estate market. The preferential mortgage lending program has been extended in 2021, which is quite popular among home buyers. Developers, in turn, now do not hesitate to raise the price per square meter of apartments in new buildings. Developers include all these factors (expensive loans and infrastructure costs) in housing costs for sale. So, the price of new homes is always higher compared to older ones.

The Status of The Secondary Real Estate Market

On the contrary, the state of the secondary real estate market is currently on the decline. There was no significant recovery after the period of quarantine measures and self – isolation in the spring of 2020, when the number of purchase and sale transactions fell to its historical minimum. Buyers in the secondary real estate market are now simply such a minimal number that sellers of real estate, being in extreme competition conditions, have started to get along with cash home buyers. If you are also mulling to sell the house, get in touch with us. We buy houses in Arkansas after completing all formalities. We make good offers keeping all conditions in mind. Our recommendations are obligation-free.

What To Do To Sell Homes Faster in 2021?

If you are serious about selling your house in 2021, continue promoting the property using modern technologies and negotiate with potential buyers.

● You Should Have A Good Motive

Selling an apartment now is worth it; the main thing is to do it right. And do not say goodbye to your square meters just for the sake of selling. Because for many needy people, selling an apartment is about getting the much-needed money as soon as possible. But according to experts, now it is worth selling the apartment for further turnover of cash.

● Minimal Furniture, Maximum Cleanliness.

A well-groomed and tidy apartment will attract more buyers than housing with striped wallpaper and dirty windows. Therefore, to increase the chances of a sale, you need to do the simplest actions. Clean up, wash the living space, remove excess furniture, and even make a small cosmetic repair.

● Solve All Legal Issues

Before putting up an apartment for sale, the seller needs to solve all the legal and financial nuances. Pay for utilities and prepare receipts for the last few months. If there are several owners, it is necessary to solve all the issues and get written consent to sell the apartment. Legal issues delay the real estate transaction as buyers don’t want to buy “disputed properties.” Sell my house fast Arkansas

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