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Why Should I Use VPS Hosting in Turkey?

Why Should I Use VPS Hosting in Turkey?

Are you running an E-commerce site in Turkey and looking for web hosting that boosts your website's performance and handles all the rising traffic?

Are you a blogger with a fixed budget who wants to take his/her website to the next level without investing in Dedicated Hosting?

Are you a Software developer who wants to run preferred applications and software configuration of his/ her own choice?

If any of the above situations belongs to you, then it is very important to choose the right web hosting package as well as the right web hosting provider.

While searching for the best type of hosting suitable for your business, you must have come across VPS Hosting in Turkey in your search.

Below i have explained what VPS Hosting is, how it is better than other hostings and also why it is best suitable for you.

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting is an excellent choice for all those who want essential private resources dedicated just for their site. Though the VPS server has multiple users on one physical server, it provides complete control over their hosting environment. VPS Turkey also ensures absolute security from cyber crimes and flexibility independent from one's neighbours at a lower price than Dedicated Hosting.

Comparison with Other Web Hosting Options

Web Hosting comprises three types- Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. Every web hosting has some pros and cons.

Usually, web hosting services are compared on the basis of their resources and components and what type of access people have to them.

Shared Hosting is hosting that shares one physical server with many users. With this type of hosting, customers have limited access to customization and key resources such as RAM, CPU, disc space, etc. It is generally considered as entry-level Hosting and hence comes at a low price.

Dedicated Hosting, on the other hand, stands precisely opposite to Shared Hosting. Here, no other customer has access to your server; therefore, you are the entire server's sole owner. Although you have complete control and power under this type of server, you have to pay the higher cost. Another drawback of dedicated Hosting is that it runs only on one Operating System (OS).

But, when we talk about VPS Hosting, it has bridged the gap between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

6 Reasons Why VPS Hosting in Turkey is exactly What you are Looking For

1. It is Completely Scalable

With VPS Hosting in Turkey, you can expand and shrink your technical resources, such as RAM and CPU, anytime you want. Businesses with low traffic don't require high storage, bandwidth, RAM and CPU; therefore, spending money on this meanwhile is wastage.

2. It Gives Full Control

VPS Hosting gives complete control over resources allocated just for you. With a VPS server, you can get root access, run batch files, install and update the software you want, run any application you choose and customize your control panel.

In case you face any difficulty with technicalities, you can reach out to your hosting provider anytime.

3. It's Got Reliable Uptime

One should be aware of the fact that downtime costs your business high.

That's why VPS comes with a defined bandwidth and memory allocated within your virtual environment.

In case your website sees a sudden rise in traffic, a VPS Hosting will never disappoint your visitors with slow loading times and run the business as usual.

4. It is Very Secure

With VPS Hosting, you can implement advanced security measures within your server environment. Here, your neighbours' or hackers activities couldn't affect your work as your resources and files are saved in a separate secured partition.

5. Cost-effective

Though VPS hosting is a bit expensive than shared Hosting, it is significantly cheaper than Dedicated Hosting. Actually, it's in the midway of both.

With Shared Hosting, you don't have an option to scale up resources, but with VPS Hosting, you can add or deduct resources anytime you want, making it the most cost-effective choice.

Unlike Dedicated Hosting, you pay for only what you want or what you use.

6. It Suits Many Scenarios

Need for VPS Hosting in turkey for different websites such as

  • If your website is attracting High Traffic
  • If you use a sandbox
  • If you are willing to develop your own software
  • If you're going to have backup storage separately.
  • If you want to stream online
  • If you are a domain or host reseller
  • If you want to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • If you handle a large email/database servers

Severwala Makes It Easy

If you want to grow your business faster with more control, greater flexibility, and high security on a low budget, then choose Serverwala VPS Hosting in Turkey.

No matter which VPS Plan of Serverwala you choose, you are guaranteed to enjoy a lot of benefits of dedicated Hosting at a minimal cost.

Don't keep relying on your shared Hosting plan; instead, call an expert team of Serverwala to help you switch to VPS Hosting Plan. The team remains available 24/7 to support technicalities and other issues.

Serverwala VPS Plans comes in two variants:

Linux VPS Hosting in Turkey starts @ $10 only

And Windows VPS Hosting in Turkey starts @ $15 only.


I hope the article helped you to learn why you should use VPS Hosting in Turkey and how it is beneficial than the other two web hostings. Therefore, any day you feel like your business needs more or low resources, switch to VPS Hosting plan by Serverwala.

If you are already a Serverwala's VPS Hosting Turkey customer? Share what you think in the comment section.

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