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5 Ways To Run Successful Ad Campaigns For Your On Demand Delivery Apps

5 Ways To Run Successful Ad Campaigns For Your On Demand Delivery Apps

Because promoting your brand image or your product/service offer requires preparation, we have developed a short guide for you that includes all the stages of a successful advertising campaign for your on-demand delivery solution.

Market research, definition of your objectives, choice of your communication media. Find out how to create a campaign that your target will not soon forget!

Study the current market

Studying the context in which you want to launch your advertising campaign is essential. It is about understanding the market, current and future trends, but also the positioning of your competitors. To do this, it is advisable to create a SWOT as well as a PESTEL in order to delimit your communication perimeter, which it will be wise to undertake or not.

In a context of a global pandemic, for example, on-demand app development is redoubling their creativity and ingenuity to communicate and surprise their target.

Define your target with the right tools

The second step is to understand your target, their typical profile, their expectations, their needs and their relationship with your brand/company. It is customary to segment it as follows:

  • Primary target: the broadest segment you want to reach through your advertising campaign.
  • Core target: the target on which you will focus all your attention, the one that has a particular, almost emotional, link with your brand or your products.
  • Secondary target: the target you are going to hit indirectly. These are generally prescribers (Journalists, Influencers, etc.)

In order to go further in the targeting process, we advise you to draw up the typical profile of your target, what is called the buyer persona. Indeed, it is an archetype (almost a stereotype) of the individual most able to adhere to your message.

Establish your communication goals

Your goals should match the SMART methodology to help you better frame your strategy.

Moreover, you cannot communicate on everything, you have to choose your type of campaign in order to choose the right objectives.

Awareness campaign

You want to make your brand known to your target and arouse the desire to buy your products.

Branding campaign

You want to anchor your brand durably in the mind of your target and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Conversion campaign

You want to promote a new product or service and create the desire to buy or subscribe to them.

Work on your campaign message

Whatever your type of campaign and your objectives, you will need to take care of your advertising message as well as your visuals.

To do this, prefer a short, clear and impactful message developed by a copywriter.

The latter generally masters the art of the advertising slogan and will know how to find the right words to capture your target.

If you want to communicate in an original way, you will have to script your campaign and not hesitate to take risks to reach your target and mark it permanently.

Choose the right media

To plan your actions efficiently, first choose the most suitable media for your campaign (type, message, etc.). Keep in mind that the choice of these media will obviously depend on the expectations and habits of your target.

For example, tactical media will not be the most suitable for a young or even very young target, who will be easier to reach via television or social networks. On the other hand, they will be perfectly suited to an adult and active target residing or moving in a given space.

The guerrilla marketing will suit the more provided it is surprising and repetitive in a defined area.

Using the Google Ads tool to carry out your online advertising can be a source of conversion and performance if the distribution is done on the media that has the best relevance according to your objectives and activities.

In order to get started on the Google Ads platform, it is important to determine which advertising formats are best suited to your goals.

  • Presentation of the Google Ads advertising network.
  • The Search (research network)
  • The Display network
  • Mixed Selective Search + Display campaigns
  • Video campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Application download
  • Remarketing / retargeting

It is up to you to choose which supports and media will be the most appropriate according to on-demand delivery trends in 2021.

Analyze your resources

What should you invest in your advertising campaign? Take stock at the material, human and budgetary level. To organize your expenses and the mobilization of your teams, you must take into account the following costs:

  • Production of tactical materials (bread bags, flyers, etc.)
  • The purchase of advertising space (Radio, press, billboards, etc.)
  • Non-media costs (Events, street-marketing, etc.)
  • Ancillary and time costs (Meetings, Briefs, etc.)

In order to measure the impact of your actions, you will need to measure the return on investment of your communication campaign.

All the stages of an advertising campaign are in fact closed by an overview of the operations which allows you to take a step back on your choices and the resulting results.

We support you in the development of your advertising campaign!

We suggest you develop your tailor-made communication strategy adapted to the objectives you want to achieve.

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