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How to repair the battery whose cell is locked due to long-term storage?

 How to repair the battery whose cell is locked due to long-term storage?

Many people’s old laptop batteries have been left unused for a long time, resulting in over-discharge of the batteries, the protection circuits were locked, so the batteries are unusable.

For many old batteries, there are no replacement batteries on the market, which means that new batteries cannot be purchased for replacement.

In this case, you can only find a way to repair the battery yourself. Here are two methods for reference.

By the way, this situation is only for the battery that is not used for a long time, and the battery cell is over-discharged, causing the battery cell to be locked.

Please remember that, please use up the battery before using this method, so that the effect is better.

Slow discharge under low battery:

1. Turn on your laptop,Open the control panel, find power options, and select the maximum battery mode.

2. Set to never standby and never sleep in the battery mode column.

3. After setting up, put the computer there until it shuts down when the power is off.

Method One

Only open the battery to disconnect the protection circuit, directly increase the voltage to the cell to restore it to above the normal discharge threshold, and then connect the circuit to start charging.

This method requires violent damage to the battery casing, and requires special spot welding equipment, which is generally not possible for people without expertise in batteries.

Method Two

Bypass the circuit and charge the battery directly. Every time the battery is plugged into the system, the protection circuit does not start to work within the first few seconds.

The charging voltage of the notebook can be directly loaded on the cell to make the battery Voltage rise 0.01V-0.02V, after a few seconds,

the battery cell starts to send instructions to the notebook charging circuit to stop charging or lock the battery.so you repeat the few seconds which you just inserted the battery into the system

until restore the battery voltage to the normal value.


1. This method is suitable for lithium-ion batteries that fail due to over-discharge caused by long-term storage

2. The prerequisite for using this method to save the battery is that the basic information of the battery can still be seen in the Battery Monitor.

If the battery information is lost due to long-term over-discharge, the possibility of recovery is extremely small.

3. Before saving, insert the battery into the system, and the system can enter the state of charging the battery.

4. The battery saved by this method should not be deeply discharged in the future.

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