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BEFORE YOU BUY: 10 THINGS to think about BEFORE buying an electrical RAZOR

BEFORE YOU BUY: 10 THINGS to think about BEFORE buying an electrical RAZOR

Carefully think about all of your options before buying an electrical razor. After all, the goal is to buy a shaver that offers you years of untroubled use, therefore detain mind the subsequent factors:


One of the foremost necessary choices you’ll build once shopping for an electrical razor is whether or not it’s rotary or foil. We’ll get in additional detail concerning the 2 sorts later within the article, however the first distinction between the 2 is this:

Rotary shavers have circular blades and 3 spherical shaving heads. They’re typically higher for men whose facial skin is traditional or a small amount on the powerful aspect. They’re additionally smart for medium to coarse beard densities.

Foil razors have a skinny incurvate metal foil that covers the cutting blades. They work best after you move them in straight, back, and forth lines across your face and neck.


Another issue to think about once shopping for a top electrical razor is its power provide. Some shavers are powered and have a plug-in charging unit, whereas others utilize a wire that gives a continuing provision of power.

Many men just like the convenience of conductor razors as a result of they provide additional freedom of movement (you don’t need to continuously be close to an electric receptacle, for one), however, powered units should be changed from time to time. the number of shaving time potential on a full charge varies by product, and it’s one thing to pay shut attention to once you’re shopping for a brand-new razor.

Something else to think about is that if the razor features a quick charge operate within which you charge it for 5 to ten minutes (when the battery runs down) to induce enough juice for a full shave.

A shaver that features a wire provides an infinite supply of power. you've got to alter an influence wire and have less freedom of movement than you are doing with a conductor razor, however you don’t need to worry concerning the battery going dead within the middle of a shave.


Some electrical razors are safe to use within the shower, or together with your favorite shave cream, foam, or gel. a bonus of shaving within the shower is that the nice and cozy water softens whiskers to create them easier to shave.

Men with sensitive skin could realize that shaving with gels and creams is simpler on the skin and causes less irritation than dry shaving.

While wet shavers typically are conductor, confirm that the one you get is safe to use with gels and creams that may harm the charging and cleanup units.

4. MAINTENANCE requirements

Regular maintenance extends the life of your razor and helps it to run expeditiously. inspect every shaver’s maintenance recommendations (or requirements) before you get it, several need that you simply clean and oil them oft, and the way a lot of time you wish to place into maintenance typically depends on your modus vivendi.

The ease of cleanup is a few things else to think about. In general, foil shavers are easier to wash than rotary models, whereas several shavers – significantly the high-end ones – keep the company with an integral cleanup unit. Some cleanup units even make clean the razor.


A razor that’s comfy to carry and straightforward to maneuver around your face is your relief. That said, concentrate on however a razor feels in your hand before you get. A shaver that another man finds comfy to carry might not feel an equivalent to you.


Most high-quality razors keep company with multiple blade choices that assist you to induce a detailed shave on every occasion. Another issue to think about is blade speed; the quicker the blades move, the nearer the shave. the electrical razor blade speed lives in cycles per minute (CPM), and also the quickest razors will reach fourteen,000 CPMs.

Also, electric shaver blades – just like the blades of ancient non-electric razors – wear out over time and should get replaced. confirm that you simply will get replacement blades – and different components – simply.


Most electrical razors have a spread of accessories that keep company with your purchase, as well as a cleanup brush, blade oil, trimmer, etc. A trimmer is effective in some ways, as well as that you simply will use it to form your sideburns, trim off stubborn long hairs, and more.


Never purchase a brand-new shaver unless it's a guaranty. several electric razors keep company with a biennial guarantee that covers most components and manufacturer defects, however, confirm you recognize what components the guarantee will or doesn’t cowl.

A money-back guarantee is usually useful, and you ought to seriously think about shopping for a razor that features a 30-day guarantee, at the smallest amount.


Many quality shavers have an inexpensive tag however don’t low-cost out on quality to save lots of some money. outlay a bit additional on an electrical razor will prevent cash within the long haul as a result of it ought to last longer and won’t break down as simply. realize a decent razor that matches into your budget and go from there.


Last, however by no means least, the type of facial hair you've got, likewise because the sensitivity of your skin, are primary issues once buying a brand-new razor.

If you've got thin or fine hair, and your skin isn’t sensitive, then you'll wish to decide on one foil shaver. A dual-foil razor could suit you best if you've got facial hair of medium coarseness and density, whereas a triple rotary best shaver may be a smart choice if you've got sensitive skin or long straw.

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