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Top Reasons to Make Your Legal Business Go Paper-Free Considering COVID-19 Impact

Top Reasons to Make Your Legal Business Go Paper-Free Considering COVID-19 Impact

Many organizations have ventured down the Digital Transformation route to avail work operations that may improve worker potency and improve work safety. Remote working is the new normal for many businesses.

The legal industry seems to witness exponential growth within the future as most litigation support services are provided online these days. We have a tendency to live in an exceedingly convergent world wherever the digital revolution paves a wave. Eventually, this transformation can facilitate the elite companies to transform into virtual companies.

Recent technological developments in machine learning, AI, and different technological advancements facilitate a strong foundation for how legal work is practiced and delivered.

According to a Forbes report, there was an astounding increase in investment up to 713% in the legal tech sector in 2020. That shows swift consolidation inside the Legal and technical school sector. The legal world is changing; clients no longer need to travel to their lawyer’s office as they can connect with them through text, voice call, or video call.

Documents are being signed electronically and entirely remotely. Virtual/remote hearings are the new normal while courts are accepting e-signed, electronically transferred, and e-filed documents. Handshakes are creating taboos; all deals are being negotiated and closed virtually.

Alarming law firms' rates lead to in-house legal advisers being self-contained as a result of clients wanting immediate legal work operations. To contemplate these points, organizations mitigate themselves against compliance hazards and draft new plans of actions to curb challenges like cloud security.

Technology has had a colossal impact on how we tend to live, work, and manage business processes. Law firms follow technology-powered models that can meet business demands and provide clients with extraordinary expertise to tackle the challenges they face. Besides, technology has also accelerated legal delivery’s transformation to promote efficiency.

Reasons to make paperless legal operations

 Speed up the legal processes

Going paper-free can bring along several advantages; for instance, you can save a lot by not using paper-based sheets for preparing documents. In fact, you can send documents in digital format in less time, which saves a lot of time taken to complete a process.

Enhance work efficiency

Digital adoption can also enable you to use automation for automating routine tasks that take a lot of time if done by humans. Additionally, there are several tools you can use to collaborate with multiple teams easily at any time from anywhere.

Offer more security

With cloud technology, legal professionals can access documents stored in a password-protected online document management system from anywhere, at any time, and from any device, without compromising security.

Safe Environment 

According to a survey, around half of all businesses waste a lot of paper. In the USA, the annual paper usage is 12.1 trillion sheets. Therefore, by saving paper, you can reduce your carbon footprint, which can be an excellent selling point for your potential customers.

Digital Transformation

There is no doubt this pandemic is accelerating virtual law office trends. In May 2020, when the United States Supreme Court was reopened for business, it took a historical moment of hearing oral arguments over the phone. At this time, lawyers and law firms are in need of paralegals who can work remotely and triage, organize, and manage cases virtually. Do you also have the same or similar requirements? If yes, Legal Support World can help you manage your legal back-office services effectively.


Whether you’re firmly settled in your brick-and-mortar law workplace or are already a savvy virtual legal professional, this is the time you can use several accessible technologies which will modernize legal operations and client-lawyer interactions. 

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