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How To Embed Your Instagram Feed on WordPress In Under 10 Minutes

How To Embed Your Instagram Feed on WordPress In Under 10 Minutes

Millions of people engage with Instagram posts every day. Embedding them on your wordpress website brings the same engagement to your visitors.

Displaying vibrant and eye-catching Instagram images on your website will easily help your visitors interact with your website content.

Moreover, you can engage your audience with the social media content on both platforms. It will boost awareness and engagement with your potential audience.

It also helps sell products and services through your website, as people are influenced by social proof and less likely to believe what the brand says about themselves.

But embedding Instagram posts is not as easy as it seems. You need the help of some tools and understand how you do it using the tools.

So here we are giving you two ways to easily embed Instagram feeds on your wordpress website. These are:

1. Embed Instagram Feed With Plugin

2. Embed Instagram Feed Without Plugin

Learn how you can enhance your website with Instagram feeds using these two methods.

Method 1: Embed Instagram Feed With Plugin On WordPress

As WordPress website works well with plugins, it will be so effective if you choose a plugin method to embed Instagram feeds on your website. Instagram Feed plugin directly connects your website with the Instagram API, making it easy to embed Instagram feeds from your account in less than 10 minutes. This way, you can enhance your website with colorful Instagram Feeds without any need for tech-savvy.

The main challenge here is to find the right and trusted Instagram Feed plugin that serves all your needs without damaging your website.

Some of the popular Instagram Feed plugins that I would like to share with you are:

- Taggbox Widget
- 10Web
- Spotlight
- Feed Them Social

These all are the good star-rated plugins used by many brands and website owners to enhance their website with the power of Instagram Feeds.

Here are the steps to Install Plugin and embed Instagram Feed on your website:

Open the backend of your wordpress website, go to the plugin section and search for any of the plugins mentioned above.

Select the one that you find most suitable and reasonable. Now you need to install and activate the plugin to collect and embed the Instagram Posts or Feeds.

Open the plugin and connect your Instagram account with which you want to embed Instagram Feeds.

Tada! All the Instagram Feeds are on your plugin interface. Depending on the plugin you choose, you can accordingly perform customization and design your Instagram feeds.

Once you are ready with the Instagram feeds, you can embed these into your website without any need for understanding HTML, Javascript, or any other coding.

The best part of using the wordpress plugin is that you can save lots of time, as you don’t have to open any tool on the other tab. You can directly embed Instagram feeds, performing all the tasks from collection to customization to embedding all on the same website.

Method 2: Embed Instagram Feed Without Plugin On WordPress

If you already have lots of plugins installed on your wordpress website and you don’t want to make your website heavy with lots of plugins, no worries, you also have an option to do the same task using social media aggregator tools.

Social media aggregator is the tool that helps you aggregate social media feeds from the social media channels and provide an embed code to display those aggregated feeds on the website or any other web platform.

There are so many social media aggregators available on the internet that you can use, but if you are confused, then check for the tools that are mentioned above as they provide both: wordpress plugin & aggregator tool.

Using a social media aggregator is almost similar to the plugin. Only it requires one extra step to embed curated Instagram Feeds on the wordpress website.

So follow the steps mentioned below:

Choose a social media aggregator and create your account. Now connect the Instagram account with the social media aggregator.

Collect Instagram feeds with hashtags, handles, tags, mentions, etc., and all the relevant feeds will be collectively displayed on your aggregator screen.

Most social media aggregators offer various themes and layout designs to make wonderful pieces of Instagram feed to display on your website.

Now, when embedding the Instagram Feed, you have to take care that you select wordpress to generate an embed code that goes with your website code.

Lastly, open the wordpress backend and paste the embed code on the web page and section where you want to display the Instagram Feeds on your wordpress website.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to embed Instagram feeds on the wordpress website with or without a plugin.

Remember that you choose the best plugin and social media aggregator to ensure the best quality Instagram Feeds on your wordpress site. 

Julie Wiley

Julie Wiley

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