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B2B Social Media Strategies to engage your audience through social media marketing

B2B Social Media Strategies to engage your audience through social media marketing

Businesses of all types should focus on setting goals and it is very much essential for B2B companies.B2B companies focus on selling and consider social media as a top of the funnel marketing channel. Top social media agencies in Kolkata can guide you through the entire process very smoothly.

Based on the recent research on benefits of B2B content marketing, marketers should focus on the following:

  • Create brand awareness
  • Educate audiences
  • Build credibility and trust
  • It is important to create brand awareness

It is very essential to let the world know who you are.

Businesses should spell out who they are exactly and what sets them apart from their competitors. They should show what they value as a company.

Social media is the best place to make it happen. It is the best place to promote a piece of content which highlights all the above.

Educating audiences is very essential

Buyer’s journey is something more than just visiting a website.B2B buyers always do independent research and ensure that the companies which they support are credible.

The best way for building your credibility is to educate your audience. From blog posts to videos, any kind of B2B social media strategy should always focus on actionable and educational content.

Building Trust

As there is so much competition among B2B brands, it is important to build trust and prove to audiences that your business worth is a plus.

Testimonials, positive reviews and customer milestones are all ideal for sharing and can prove your company’s value. Social media is the best place to promote social proof.

Important steps you should follow before creating your B2B social media strategy:

Before getting to the actual content which you should share online, let us discuss the planning.

Outline your goals

Before you launch any marketing strategy it is important to know what you want to get from it. It is especially important for B2B social media because there are many social media platforms and to select from that is a difficult task.

Posting videos on Tik Tok and Snapchat for selling may work well for some companies and it may not work so well for others.

It is very important to figure out why you want to be on social media, before you make any decisions about what you will create and where you will post.

You should be sure whether you want to increase website traffic or leads, whether you want to drive traffic to informational pages and encourage email subscribers.

The best way to set goals is to use the smart method. Smart stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.

You will have a better idea about how to drive revenue for your business using this framework.

Your goals cannot be the same across all platforms. What works on facebook may not work on Linkedin.

The best social media advertising company can actually guide you properly to outline your goals.

It is important to identify your target audience

Always think about your audience, who you want to engage with your content. If you produce content for construction projects then your target audience will include engineers, architects and contractors.

So you should aim your content at the experts, not the average consumer.

By knowing your target audience you can shape your content strategy and the platforms which you need to be on to show your message in front of the right people.

Always understand your voice

It is very important to speak with one brand voice across social media platforms.

If you are serious and scholarly on your website you should appear the same on social media.

If you consider your company lighthearted then your social media posts should reflect that.

When you know what you want to achieve, who your target audience is and how you want to sound on social media, you can start your planning.

A customer centric social media strategy is very beneficial

Humanising your brand will help you to reach your goal.

B2B companies need to put their customers first and they should have customer centric social media campaigns.

Customer engagement can make your brand feel more personable.

Twitter has become a stable of customer service for Saas marketing. Social media act as a timelier alternative to business and is a transparent place to interact with your customers about questions, compliments and feedback.

Providing proactive customer service will put you in your customers’ good books.

Integrating customer stories is an important part of your content strategy. Sharing testimonials and positive reviews creates a sense of loyalty among your customers.

Customer interaction should be the core of your strategy, both in terms of producing content and providing service.

Pay attention to all branded keywords to never miss an opportunity to engage with a customer.

It is important to align your strategy with your business initiatives

Social media is a prime place for supporting company wise initiatives. From product launches to PR, it is important to touch base with people outside of marketing and provide much needed context to your campaigns.

Refine your brand voice

A conversational brand voice will highlight the people behind your social media accounts and make you look more approachable.

Adapting your content to social friendly formats

By switching up your post captions and formats, you can create more buzz around your content. Below we will discuss some ideas to give your social media feeds a flavour.

  • You can convert your blog posts into short infographics.
  • Publish a minute long snippet instead of linking a podcast.
  • You can use Twitter threads as an alternative to blog posts and external links.

Always Stay on top of trends

B2B social media centers on trends. You should always keep yourself updated with promotional tactics and industry insights.

It is very important to keep yourself updated about what your customers and competitors are talking about on social media.

It will definitely help you to spot trends on relevant industry conversations. Social listing will do the legwork for you.

Focus on B2B friendly platforms

B2B companies should use their time wisely for promotion.

According to the research of content marketing institute, there are few channels which are best for B2B social media:

  • Linkedin is the ultimate B2B network for content,employee engagement,thought leadership and ad.
  • Twitter is the best place for spotting trends and interacting with customers.
  • Facebook is one the best B2B marketing centers and it is a good place for non promotional content.
  • Youtube is a perfect place for interviews,commercials and presentations.
  • Instagram is best for infographics and customer centric content
  • Pinterest is also a growing B2B platform, still the five networks mentioned above are very important for B2B social media.

It is very important to do a research on what content your audience will engage with

Social media agencies in Kolkata will help you to pay attention to the content along with its format and publishing date and time.

You should observe carefully the content, formats and publishing schedules of your competitors.

You need to find out what engage people the most, links to articles or customer testimonials.

After finding the content which works best for you, you can start to plan your content calendar.

You should create a posting schedule

B2B social media marketing plans always start with a calendar. This will help you and your team members stay on topic and on schedule.

You need to select which days you want to post and what you want to post. May be like Wednesdays are flashback Wednesdays and Fridays are live video days.

You can make use of Buffer, Hootsuite and Sprout social to pre schedule your posts across all of your accounts.

Always curate content based on your goals

Curating content for sharing with your audience is the time consuming and most important B2B social media strategy to share with your audience.

Find content which is aimed at each of your business goals. It is very important to show interesting tidbits about your products and services for driving leads.

Videos and infographics will mostly work for this.

Interacting with your audience is very essential

Social media provides a chance to the people to share their thoughts and react to your business.

Give some time to check your social media accounts, respond to comments and create a standard response to save time.

You can also set up a chatbot to answer basic questions. Negative responses are indication that your audience has a problem with your business. Pay attention to what people are saying.

Check your post performance

B2B social media marketing strategy is incomplete without data.

Best social media advertising company will study deeply the performance of your posts and plan your content based on that for the next month and the month after that.

Social media platforms have their own analytics and you can learn about those metrics very easily.

You can make use of Google analytics to see how social media generates traffic or leads. Marketing cloud FX tool is best for tracking leads from marketing campaigns.

How to select the best social media agency?

For choosing one of the best social media agencies in Kolkata you need to consider the following points:

1) They should make an effort to learn your business objectives. If they are really serious about helping your business to grow, they will definitely learn about your marketing objectives. You should hire a company who will understand your business well and will create a custom strategy according to your business.

You should pay attention to how they plan your business.

2) Pay attention to what the companies you are hiring identify themselves as. Some may call themselves as a digital marketing company. But every digital marketing company has both its strengths and weaknesses. A social media agency is the one who is skilled in social media.

For content marketing companies, content is the king and social media is just a distribution outlet.

If you want to choose the best company to manage your social media management and advertising efforts, it is logical to hire a company who specializes in social media.

You should hire the best social media advertising company that has sufficient experience and knowledge to plan and execute social media strategies.

3) They should have proof of concept or case studies. Always review the case studies of the company that you are planning to hire. Ask them for the links of the social media campaigns that they are managing for their clients.

4) The company that you are planning to hire for managing your social media should be able to provide you with the key performance indicators of their efforts.

They should tell you about the social media reach, social media engagement and social media growth, website traffic and lead generation from social media.

Make sure that they have a clearly defined plan before hiring them.

5) When an agency that you are planning to hire has more experience in your industry, they can provide positive results that you are looking for. It is good for you if they have experience in your industry or worked previously with a similar industry.

For a B2B company hiring one of the best social media agencies in Kolkata having more experience will be better suited for their social media program.

6) You should hire a social media company who will consult a strategy with you and execute. Social media marketing work for any business if you hire the right company who creates the strategy, executes the strategy and also modifies the strategy until it works for your business.

7) It is very important to know whether they will outsource your business or not. Find out how the company which you are hiring operates on a daily basis.

Do their employees work from the office or they outsource their work.

It is very essential to know who is behind your brand and how they are being monitored.

If a company outsources their work you should be very careful because this results in poor quality efforts and outcome.

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