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Add a Splash of Color to Your Home with Rugs

Add a Splash of Color to Your Home with Rugs

The trick to adding color to your home is finding the perfect piece of art or rug. We are all about adding a colorful rug to your space that will brighten up any room! You can find rugs in every size, shape, and style imaginable. From bold geometric patterns to muted floral designs, we have something for everyone. Our favorite way to decorate with a new area rug? Matching it with our furniture pieces! Check out our blog post on how you can add colorful accent rugs into your home today by clicking here!

Step # 1; Choose the Color Palette

The first step is to choose the colors you want in your rug. Do you prefer there to be a bold color or more of an accent? Maybe even no color at all! Decide the colors that work best for your space, it's time to start shopping around. Opt for the best area rugs in beautiful shades complementary or contrasting to your chosen colors. The hues and shades you choose should work well together to help make your room look pulled together.

Step # 2; The Space You Want the Rug To Go In

If you want an area rug under your dining table, consider how much space there will be in between each chair leg and measure that out (with about a half-inch of wiggle room). For a rug under a sofa or your bed, measure the space from one side of the furniture to another. Measure the size of the room at its longest and widest points, too.

Step # 3; Measure the Size of Your Room

Take your tape measure to where you want to put your rug and use it to find out how big or small a room is in square feet or meters. If you have hardwood flooring under the area rug, add about four inches (give or take) to your measurements. The rug size will be smaller than your room, but it should cover more of the floor under that carpeting.

Step # 4; Rug's Pile Height

The pile height is how tall or thick an area rug feels when you stand on it and walk around in bare feet. The average for this rating is between one-quarter and two inches. For crowded areas, it is recommended to opt for a shorter pile height. This will make it easier to move around the room without tripping over the rug or getting your socks and shoes stuck in a high-pile area rug. It is best to opt for the thick or long pile for bedrooms to create a cozy feel.

Step # 5; Rug Material

There are several types of rugs that you can choose from when picking out an interior design accent for your flooring. But most people love natural materials as they are durable and environmentally friendly. They also have no artificial chemical smell and are suitable for people who suffer from allergies. Raw materials such as sisal, jute, and seagrass come in various textures that can be rough or soft to touch. They also add warmth to the room and give it a lived-in look, while some synthetic rugs may seem too stiff and plastic.

Step # 6; Find the Shape of Your Room

Ideally, you want the rug's shape to complement how big or small a room is—if it has sharp corners, for example, you don't want an octagon-shaped area rug on top of it (that would make it look even smaller). It's also wise to check the size of your coffee table, end tables, and chairs you plan to have in your living room. If your room is small, round rugs are best to give it a more spacious feel. Larger rooms, on the other hand, require large rectangular-shaped rugs to add visual depth and definition.

Step # 7; Get the Right Colors for Your Home

If you want to add color to your home, don't go overboard with too many colors in an area rug that's just a shade or two lighter or darker than another color in your room. Stick with two colors. For example, if you have a red couch in your living room, pair it with an area rug with shades of blue or green to complement this color scheme instead of one that's orange or yellow, which will clash. If the theme of your home is neutral and calm, pick up on these hues by adding pops of color to your area rug.

Step # 8; Decide on a Theme for Your Home

For a more formal look, choose an oriental-style pattern that reflects traditional colors and designs of the Far East, such as reds, oranges, greens, or browns. However, if you want something contemporary with a more modern feel, select an area rug with bolder colors and patterns. Add in a few colorful pillows, shams, and throws to complete the look.

Step # 9; How Much Do You Want To Spend?

Shopping for rugs can get expensive fast! If you're shopping online and doing it on a budget, look at how much space is in the room that needs a rug. Then take a look at the different sizes available and make a note of their dimensions. That way, you can figure out what size area rug will fit in your space based on how much it costs per square foot and any shipping costs for an oversized item like this.

Step # 10: Coordinate with Furniture and Decor

Our favorite way to decorate with a new area rug? Matching it with our furniture pieces! To start, measure out where your rug will go – make sure there is enough room for everything! At this point, take into consideration where your sofa and chairs will be. If the furniture sits on top of your rug, then you need space for that – about two feet between the edge of your sofa and any walls or other pieces of furniture for everyone to have enough legroom when they're seated.

Step # 11: Add Color with Throw Pillows

The best way to add color is by adding throw pillows! Pillow covers can be made in almost any shade, and you're able to switch out the pillow inserts when they get dirty or worn. Try matching your rugs' colors with your wall paint – this makes it easier if you want an accent wall later on down the road!

Step # 12: Choose a Shape and Style

The rug's shape and design can also play a role in the overall look of your room. To keep things simple, choose rugs that are either square or rectangular shaped. It allows you to easily pair it with any other pieces you may have – like coffee tables!

On a Nutshell

We hope you enjoyed this blog about the benefits of adding a splash of color to your home with rugs. You can browse our rug selection at RugKnots, where we have over 10,000 different styles in stock for you to choose from! If you're looking for help finding the perfect style and size for your space, give us a call. We will be happy to help you!

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