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Office Products and Machinery: is it worth buying or renting?

Office Products and Machinery: is it worth buying or renting?

Printers, PCs, monitors, and air purifiers are fundamental tools in every company. But have you ever wondered if it is better Shop Online Office machines in Dubai or rent them?

Today, alongside direct purchase, a more well-known and widespread practice, other smarter procedures are beginning to make room for them, such as leasing and operational rental of office machines. Unfortunately, however, at the moment there is still enough confusion on the subject and it is difficult for entrepreneurs to identify which method, between installment purchase, leasing, and operating rental, is more convenient for their business.

Rossetto helps you to clarify, offering an overview of the three possibilities, to make the choice of purchase or rental easier and more aware.


The purchase in installments or with financing of office machinery has certainly been the most common practice in the past. Compared to leasing and operating rental, this method allows, once the payment has been completed, to become the owner of the asset. But direct purchase also has some secondary effects that should be taken into account:

inclusion of the purchased asset among company assets

with consequent amortization procedure on the totality of the expenditure and bookkeeping required by law.

direct responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the machinery purchased with consequent

payment of a technical assistance and insurance service.

It is a method that Rossetto recommends for machinery with slow technological evolution, low wear rate and operating life that goes beyond the duration of the installments, or which in any case maintain a high used value. On the other hand, it is not convenient for technological products that present a sudden obsolescence such as PCs, printers and multifunctions.


Financial leasing and operating leasing are often thought of as the same thing, but in reality they are two different formulas. In detail, financial leasing is a type of contract that allows the use of the machinery for a specific duration on payment of periodic fees, upon completion of which it is possible to redeem the asset, paying a price already agreed upon at the start.

Compared to the installment purchase, the leased machinery is not part of the company assets as long as the maxi final rent is not paid, through which the asset becomes owned and therefore an asset. Assistance and maintenance remain the responsibility of the lessee, therefore of the entrepreneur requesting the financial leasing of the vehicle.


Operational rental is a contract that provides for the availability of the machinery for a predetermined period with a fixed monthly fee called the rental fee, which may also include assistance, maintenance, insurance and disposal of the rented property. The company that chooses the operational rental does not have to carry anything in depreciation, nor add the new rental machinery among the company assets because the property remains with the rental company. It also follows a simplified tax and accounting management as the rental fee paid is fully deductible, and the VAT deductible, as the asset is used. Furthermore, this formula does not require advances or loans, avoiding the immobilization of capital and ensuring a high degree of liquidity for the company. Furthermore, it does not bind the bank credit line and is not part of the reports in the Central Risks It is the ideal formula for devices with high technological obsolescence such as computers and printers and is particularly suitable for companies that prefer "pay for use" and are not interested in ownership of goods. But let's see, in detail, what advantages this type of rental brings on several fronts.

Improvement of company cash flow

One of the most significant advantages of operating rental is an improvement in the company's cash-flow since it does not have to commit significant resources to the purchase of machinery. Therefore, operating leasing contributes to maintaining liquidity in the company and to increasing spending and investment capacity.

100% deductible rental fee

As already mentioned, the operational rental eliminates the problem of depreciation and management of company assets. In addition, the operating lease fees are 100% deductible for IRES and IRAP purposes (and VAT deductible) as they are considered as a fee for the use of third party assets.

Always modern and up-to-date machinery

Devices such as PCs, printers, monitors continue to evolve from year to year and consequently are subject to a high degree of obsolescence and wear, with predetermined life cycles. The purchase of these devices would lead, over time, to the backwardness of the company machinery, while with the operational rental the company ensures a continuous internal technological renewal over time. In fact, this formula allows both to replace the machinery rental with a more recent model - even while the contract is still in progress - with a simple adjustment of the rent, or to stipulate a new lease, once the previous one has ended, which will automatically include new generation equipment. Therefore no risk of rapid obsolescence of the asset and guarantee of modern and efficient tools.

Flexibility and cost optimization

Operating leasing also offers greater flexibility than financial leasing because it can include or integrate discounts, additional services and different benefits based on the needs of the company, resulting in more convenient and customized solutions than financial leasing.


Rossetto provides full rental services, including consultancy, maintenance and assistance for PCs, printers, air purifiers but also document shredders, thermal scanners, ozone generators and PPE vending machines. In addition to the numerous advantages already examined relating to the operational rental formula, Rossetto offers:

rental without financial intermediaries: with Rossetto the rental contract is stipulated directly with the company without any financial intermediary. In fact, many companies offer the rental solution, but then require a financial lease agreement with a leasing company. This ends up weighing down the financial rating of the lessee company, ie the judgment of solvency and reliability that can potentially hinder any requests for money by the company for other business purposes.

safety to contact a single interlocutor specialized in short and long-term rental of the entire company fleet. continuous and guaranteed provision of the rental service. with the possibility of modifying the chosen configuration, according to needs. analysis of the machine park. that cut costs through the advice of specialized consultants.

Rossetto is always available with its rental services and its network of specialists for personalized advice. To help you make the best choices for your company and your collaborators.

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