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9 Tricks that you must not miss in 2020 to boost your SEO

 9 Tricks that you must not miss in 2020 to boost your SEO

Once you are in the online space, the only way you can grow is by using Search Engine Optimization of very rich content. While it can be so hard at the onset to mark your presence, there are simple hacks and tips that can boost your growth using SEO.

It must be kept in mind that there are no shortcut formulas to reach a large group of audience within a short span of time, without delivering good content or handwork.

With the people being more vigilant and search engines being more foolproof, it becomes a bit harder to put your name out there and register it among the people. Hence, any tricks and hacks you use must not be jeopardizing the future of your website or yourself.

So, here are a few hacks that you must try for standing out of the crowd and boosting your growth.

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is the web component framework that helps you render HTML and CSS and remove unwanted elements, helping you cater to your website at the topmost speed and mobile indexed pages.

Increasing the speed of the website is so important that Amazon has claimed to lose 1% of the sales for delay for every 100ms of loading the page.

Also, with 56% of the traffic still coming from mobile devices, optimizing your websites for mobile too would help you follow the mobile-first indexing policy of Google.

These can be easily done with the help of the AMP framework and this little hack can be your first little step towards achieving the growth that you target for.

2. Better content is always better

Be careful of what you present on your website, as it is the primary window of your business for the outer world.

There are people who would post content for the sake of keeping up with the consistency and regularity, but doing so would reduce the quality for the content if you do not look into it seriously.

Every time you put content, make sure you have things that you need to tell about and factors that can beat your competitors.

Quality content will get shared around and promoted more, making a good impression about you on the search engines too. This will help you in the long run.

Making evergreen content is also important to your website. These are the content or blogs that will be made use of by people irrespective of time.

Place these types of content in very shallow places for people to access easily every single time.

3. Keywords in a local SEO

Local SEO has become harder than ever before in recent times due to the changing algorithms and moves of Google.

The geocoordinates of the source of the search determine the results, even if you try to add the location near the keyword. Eg: Searching “SEO companies” from Banglore and searching “SEO services Bangalore” from Delhi would give different results and hence optimizing your pages for both types of searches are important.

● UULE parameter is the ultimate way of encoding the geolocation using base64.
● Using near in the URL of the site which provides you with the feel of geolocated results.
● Using geolocating algorithms to render pages.

4. Knowing the importance of free SEO tools