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How Short Learning Videos are Impacting Corporate Learning in 2021?

How Short Learning Videos are Impacting Corporate Learning in 2021?

The whole world has shifted the way people work, learn, play, communicate, and teach.

All because of the increasing mobility factor, the current generation is much inclined towards mobile app learning.

No matter, if the users are drawing towards, “How to Videos”, watch gadget assembling, look for fitness tips, or even switch to earning money online apps. Videos are considered to be the ideal solution to enhance learning, speed, and efficiency.

Why Short Learning Videos?

It is simply because videos are interactive, fun-loving, engaging, and responsive. But most importantly, you can watch learning videos over and over again as per your requirement.

Undoubtedly, videos are the best bet for learning new skills, enhancing development, becoming technically proficient, and more. In terms of statistics as well, videos can retain more than 77% of users as compared to text-oriented learning.

Additionally, the average retention rate of video learning is 35% which is much higher than the traditional form of learning.

Short Video Learning in Corporate Environment

Corporate training is an essential element that witnesses organizational growth. It offers the skill and learning to professionals shaping their careers and enhancing the future perspective.

Concerning the rising acceptance of short video learning through apps, employees can easily connect with the same.

Video learning can be used effectively in two ways i.e. On-Demand Learning and Collaborative Learning that we will discuss here.

On-Demand Learning

The current is no longer of daily soap operas when viewers had to wait for the show to start.

Videos are available on-demand that allows you to learn at your own pace and timeline. It’s what we call Videos on Demand for the sheer purpose of enriching corporate learning.

Mainly the professionals have no such free timeline to opt for a full-time technical, marketing, or creative learning course. So, they prefer something flexible in nature to access at any point in time.

At this juncture, a short video is becoming a preferred channel of communication and learning due to the following few reasons:

* Short videos help corporate learners to feel engaged by devoting less time.

* It ensures a great deal of interaction in multiple languages.

* It facilitates collaboration among learners and professional students.

* Offer learning in various styles as per the liking of mobile users.

So, it is of essential matter for a microlearning platform to add a series of training videos that help learners get a wide access. When available on a portable device, it generally ensures a maximum rate of engagement.

Collaborative Learning

Since the last few years, there has been a rapid shift in the learning pattern with more people focusing on social learning.

Mainly through microlearning apps, it has become more than just learning. But a way to manage, build a community, interact, and enhance collaborative learning across users.

Successful collaborative learning relies on positive thinking, interaction, and individual accountability to learn more conveniently.

Key Advantages of Collaborative Learning Through Short Video App

* Easy to share and comment on learning videos to send open feedback and request for changes or updates.

* An ideal medium to connect with peers to share knowledge and skills.

* Allows better retention than shifting to old and boring learning manuals.

* Stay proactive from the learning aspect with a view to seeing new content every single day.

Features that Make Short Learning Video Stand Out

Now, that you must have understood the impact of short video learning apps in the corporate environment. Next to look at is the range of features to find in the best social learning application.

* Multilingual Approach: The audience on the short video learning app is diverse and do not belong to one region only. Thus, it is imperative to have a multi-lingual approach at the forefront to do the talking in your native language.

* Authentic: People need something fresh, interesting, and authentic. No one is interested in looking at the same type of learning videos on a different platform. So, an ideal app is one that offers a unique display of content in a user-friendly manner.

* Meeting the Learning Requirement: The most important factor of a learning app is to meet the distinctive needs of learners. It could be in the form of raising learning awareness, motivation, building technical or soft skills, inspiring employees, or it can be anything.

* Reality Matters the Most: Just understand the fact that fiction has of no value in terms of serious corporate learning. Professionals need real-life situation examples and facts to learn deeply. Concerning the same, the learning app should have real, simple, clear, and to the point, content to learn from.


Corporate learning is not simple. Indeed, it is a great deal of responsibility on the part of learners to feel engaged, interact, and learn extensively. Find a short video learning app that offers it all to enhance the concepts along with professional development.

Librari app is an apt way to enrich technical and professional skills to a great deal of extent. It offers a wide selection of learning content in the form of short videos and that are too freely accessible to all. So, what are you waiting for? Start learning on the app today itself.

Librari Short Video App

Librari Short Video App

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