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How not to decorate your home - Top sins of Polish interiors

How not to decorate your home - Top sins of Polish interiors

<h2>1. No consistency in choosing a style</h2>

<p>The biggest and most common mistake made when decorating a house or apartment is inconsistency.&nbsp;And the stylistic and material consistency is half the success in designing!</p>

<p>If you're into mid-century style, stick to it.&nbsp;In every room, in furniture and accessories.</p>

<p>If you prefer industrial&nbsp;atmosphere&nbsp;- divine, but be consistent and do not add to the raw, studio interior of a villa kitchen in&nbsp;the English style&nbsp;.</p>

<p>The same applies to finishing materials.&nbsp;Leached oak on the floor?&nbsp;Lovely.&nbsp;Slate in the bathroom?&nbsp;Cool.&nbsp;Dark colonial furniture in the living room?&nbsp;Amazing - but don't mix it all together!&nbsp;It is so simple and yet so complicated as&nbsp;<strong><a href="https://www.rudnonline.com/">rudn enclave</a></strong>.</p>

<h2>2. Arrangement?&nbsp;Who needs it?</h2>

<p>Are you of the opinion that any stupid person can set up the furniture?&nbsp;You can put it in anyway, but definitely not set and certainly not in Poland.</p>

<p>For some mysterious reason, even some native designers would love to throw everything up against the walls.&nbsp;It sometimes happens that the interior is small and there is no other way out.&nbsp;But this&nbsp;arrangement&nbsp;sin is also very common on large surfaces.</p>

<p>TV cabinet against one wall, sofas 10 meters away against the opposite wall.&nbsp;In between, sometimes a modestly small table will sit.&nbsp;Polish classic.</p>

<h2>3. Love for beige</h2>

<p>This meringue is everywhere.&nbsp;Brighter here, darker there, but Poles love with great, but unrequited love, all ecru, ivory, beige, the slightly avant-garde ones - ash and brown.</p>

<p>I am writing about unrequited love, because interiors decorated only in this color scheme do not work well, they are painfully boring and bland.</p>

<p>Do not believe in beige, they are not a safe and universal color.&nbsp;Beiges simply suck in the world.</p>


<h2>4. Dominant colors</h2>

<p>The interiors of Polish&nbsp;apartments&nbsp;and houses are painted and decorated in a peculiar contrast.&nbsp;On the one hand, the above-mentioned beige or monochrome Scandinavian style, on the other - strong and dominant colors.</p>

<p>As if there was nothing in the middle.&nbsp;As if all intermediate solutions were lost in a black hole of oblivion or contempt.&nbsp;Meanwhile, just as ivory-colored interiors can make you sick, such bright colors tire quickly.</p>

<p>Aside from the fact that the fashion for specific&nbsp;color palettes&nbsp;changes every season, the thing is that intense colors dominate, distort spatial perception and very quickly become irritating.</p>

<p>If you would like to know a recipe for a "safe" interior in terms of colors, please: put on neutral colors in the background and play with colors in accessories.</p>

<h2>5. Copying directories</h2>

<p>What looks cool in a picture may not always be the case.&nbsp;There are many reasons.</p>

<p>Photographs&nbsp;in catalogs are taken in exhibition interiors, often created in photo studios only for the duration of the session.&nbsp;These are artificial, non-existent spaces.</p>

<p>More and more often, you will also come across visuals, rather than classic photographs.&nbsp;There, everything is virtual, has nothing to do with reality and probably also with what your interior looks like and needs.</p>

<p>First of all, think about your tastes and the function of the space around you.&nbsp;Inspiration yes, but not copying.&nbsp;Unfortunately, Poles like to copy.&nbsp;I've always tried to figure out why.&nbsp;An attempt to achieve a professional effect without the involvement of a designer, complexes?</p>

<h2>6. Giving in to temporary fashion</h2>

<p>Some like&nbsp;rustic classics&nbsp;, others universal, always up-to-date styles, and still others want to follow&nbsp;trends&nbsp;.&nbsp;The awareness of what is fashionable and in what direction the interior design world is going certainly helps in creating a great space.</p>

<p>However, for our compatriots, it is characteristic of mass, hypnotic succumbing to temporary fashions.&nbsp;A perfect example from the past are tens of thousands of apartments and houses finished from floor to ceiling with pine paneling.&nbsp;Everywhere the same, identically arranged.&nbsp;A modern example?</p>

<p>Well,&nbsp;Scandinavian style&nbsp;.&nbsp;There has been no other in recent years.&nbsp;It was the only correct style.&nbsp;And just as I love the Eams marriage designs, I can't look at the white DSW chair in every second, newly decorated Polish house.&nbsp;Please remember - mods pass quickly.</p>

<h2>7. Palace interiors</h2>

<p>Poles have a fondness for&nbsp;manors and palaces&nbsp;.&nbsp;As our country is long and wide, often and densely you will encounter houses stylized as a manor, and in the middle ... and inside something like a palace.</p>

<p>Something, because the kitchen is mostly from Ikea, but the living room and dining room have been decorated with boldness, more or less boldly revealing the Sarmatian longings of the inhabitants of a modern manor.</p>

<p>Don't go that way.&nbsp;Only&nbsp;if it seems familiar to <strong><a href="https://www.rudnonline.com/">rudn enclave Islamabad</a></strong>.</p>

<h2>8. Tiles, tiles, tiles</h2>

<p>Ceramic tiles bottom to top.&nbsp;Tiles on the floor, walls tightly tiled, it is really strange that the ceilings are not tiled.</p>

<p>I am talking about Polish bathrooms.&nbsp;There are so many materials in the world that would work, even in wet bathrooms and toilets.&nbsp;Unfortunately, Polish tastes are such that&nbsp;bathroom interiors&nbsp;should be tiled, walls cannot be explored or decorated with something else, because something very, very bad will happen.&nbsp;Nobody knows what, but just in case you shouldn't do it.</p>

<p>Do not be afraid!&nbsp;Take courage!&nbsp;The walls in the bathrooms will be fine if there are no tiles on them, partially or not at all.&nbsp;Apart from ceramic tiles, there is also something like stone, wood or latex paints.</p>

<h3>Terrible window decoration</h3>

<p>Jealousy, curtains, curtains, and preferably everything together, decoratively pinned up and ruffled.&nbsp;Such textile walls, surprising with their richness, are still the bane of Polish interiors.</p>

<p>Alternative?&nbsp;Roller blinds.&nbsp;Simple, ordinary, functional and not intimidating.&nbsp;Everything is great, but again - there are many other possibilities&nbsp;between the extreme styles&nbsp;!</p>



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