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How to write the World's Best Plagiarism Free Content?

How to write the World's Best Plagiarism Free Content?

As a professional content writer, it can be quite challenging to produce a lot of original content daily. Especially at times when you have to write about a topic that is completely new to you. This issue is faced by all writers at some point whether they are experienced or new at this job.

Now if there is one thing that is rejected with a vengeance by Google, is copied content. So, content writers have to make sure that every piece of theirs is original. This is the first basic rule to climb high on Google. We have some tips that can help you write the best plagiarism free content easily. But first let’s fully understand what plagiarism implies.

What is plagiarism?

The dictionary definition of plagiarism is “ the practice of taking another person’s ideas or work and pass them as yours.”

When we use it in content writing this translates into the following:

• Copying and pasting other people’s articles and publishing them on your website.

• Taking paragraphs from different sources and placing them together as a new article. Then publishing it by your name.

Anything from copying sections to whole articles is considered copying even if you include a link to the original. From Google’s perspective it is still “duplicate content”, and you will be penalized for it. If you are aiming to promote someone’s work through your platform, then it is better to write a review. Summarize it and recommend you readers to take a look at it while providing a link. Now that we have identified the nature of plagiarism, it is time to share a few useful tips.

1. Begin with an original topic

Your work must begin with an original idea. This keeps your content out of the danger zone. But how on earth can you come up with information to write on an unfamiliar topic? Start with researching for the topic and read and understand the material well. This will help to write it in your own words if you are student and can’t write in own words then take 7dollaressay assistance.

2. Modify the material

The best way to produce content that is plagiarism free is by modifying relevant material available on Google. As mentioned before, going through content, and forming an insight about it is necessary. This will assist immensely in writing quality content that has your own personal mark on it. You must have full comprehension of the content that you’re modifying. This way the final product will not lose its meaning.

3. Synonyms are very useful

Google is the ideal platform for finding synonyms to fit in your content. If used sensibly synonyms can entirely transform your piece. Find the words that best express the ideas you are conveying and insert them accordingly.

4. Change the adjectives

Another effective way to modify the material to keep it plagiarism free is by altering the adjectives. You can ensure the originality of the content by playing with words. Switch them around or use well-chosen adjectives to give fresh look to your content. It is a simple and efficient way to remain original. However, be extra cautious to never lose the actual meaning and fluency of the sentences.

5. Plagiarism checker tools

A writer can thoroughly understand the importance of using other writings to gain inspiration. But there is a very thing line between inspired writing and copying. Which is often crossed unintentionally be the most well meaning of authors. Before they know it, their content may end up full of plagiarism.

Plagiarism checking tools are the ideal solution for this problem. There are various capable tools available for this purpose online now. They will scan your work and make sure that nothing unseemly sneaks in. If there is a part which is highlighted as a copy, then you can re-write it.

6. Learn how to quote the right way

Regardless of being a newbie or expert, a writer can find paraphrasing a difficult job at times. If you know how to use quotes properly, then this can lessen your burden. Avoid using any material as quotes which does not add any value to the content. You must have enough context to justify the inclusion of the quoted part.

It is essential to know exactly when and how you can quote any specific piece of text. If you are finding it impossible to paraphrase a section, then copy it with quotation marks. But do not forget to give credit to the original source of the content. Only by doing this can you avoid the risk of gaining a plagiarism label.

References and quotes can turn out as very effective defenses in protecting yourself from accusation of copying. But you must use it with care in content that is SEO related. There should be a seamless balance between quotes and original content. Only then it can remain attractive for both search engines and your audience.

These were some surefire tips we had that will never let your content fall in the plagiarized category. It is not easy to write and generating new and fresh content regularly can be quite taxing. However, with the right techniques you can make this work much easier for you. Professionals at Assignment help experts Australia are also a great solution for your writing issues. Especially if you are a student, you can get quality academic content in the most affordable prices from this service.     

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