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Know How Much a Wedding Makeup Artist Should Cost

Know How Much a Wedding Makeup Artist Should Cost

Irrespective of how grand or intimate the function is, makeup serves as the finishing touch to the jewellery and outfits, leaving an individual equally confident and stylish. Thus, a makeup artist is indispensable in a wedding, serving as the perfect companion for a bride on one of the most important days in her life.

However, choosing the perfect type of makeup can become slightly intimidating, given the sheer number of choices available in terms of styles and add-ons. Therefore, individuals should enquire beforehand about the bridal makeup cost, among other expenses.

Major types of bridal packages to choose from -

Bridal makeup requires intricate knowledge of the latest trends and focus for long hours to leave the desired look. Moreover, the makeup should complement the natural beauty of a bride as well. Thus, it is crucial to select a bridal package that not only enhances the looks and outfit but also fits your budget.

Traditional makeup

As the name might suggest, traditional makeup is massively inspired by the location where a wedding is taking place. Usually, it consists of a minimal foundation and clean base with emphasis on eye makeup.

HD makeup

With HD bridal makeup, the primary aim is to make the skin look camera-ready for hours at a stretch. The artist will focus on blurring any lines or spots, making your skin look radiant and natural both on and off-camera.

Airbrush makeup

Unlike the traditional or HD setups, which make use of brushes and sponges, the artist uses an airbrush to paint makeup evenly, providing a smooth finish and flawless look. It covers blemishes and dark spots without appearing cakey or fake. However, note that the airbrush bridal makeup cost is usually higher than HD and traditional techniques.

Matte makeup

Matte makeup is one of the most popular choices when it comes to bridal packages, as it is often considered the perfect option for almost every occasion at any time of the day. This option allows a play with bold colour choices without robbing the skin of its natural elegance.

Shimmer makeup

Again, as the name suggests, shimmer is all about appearing stunningly sparkly. This technique includes using a combination of metallic shades and glitter to achieve that extra shimmer. Moreover, this style can be used on face, neck, and collar bones to accentuate body features better.

You must thus select a suitable one from the available bridal packages to get the best for the bride-to-be.

How much should a wedding makeup artist cost?

In most cities throughout the country, bridal makeup packages include outfit draping and hairstyling, but it can be chargeable as well. It is highly recommended to take a detailed look into various pricing options and compare them accordingly. Additionally, look online for tips to buy jewellery that fits just right with the attire and the look to heighten the glam even further.

The cost of traditional makeup varies with regions and can cost around Rs.10,000 on an average. Meanwhile, airbrush bridal makeup cost is generally higher. It can cost from Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 in most cities around the country.

With several other expenses like DJ, venue bookings, jewellery, and food vendors, your costs are likely to be significant. To cover such expenses without dipping into your savings, you can consider availing a loan against property from financial institutions and HFCs.

Several add-ons can further increase the price of bridal makeup, some of which may include the following:

Additional props such as hair and eyelashes extensions are often chargeable above the base pack.

If the bride wants the artist to stay throughout the event for touch-ups, it is often charged extra.

If a wedding is held at a hall or scenic location far from the city, conveyance to and from the site is often chargeable.

Be ready to shell out some extra cash for bridal makeup if a destination wedding is in the plans and check for its destination wedding cost.

Makeup for bridesmaids and family members is further chargeable above the base bridal makeup cost, reaching somewhere around Rs.8,000 to Rs.10,000 per person.

To meet these expenses, if you consider applying for a loan against property, make sure that you are fully aware of the charges on your LAP while selecting a lender.

While you look for a makeup artist, also keep an eye out on the latest bridal jewellery with price and hairstyling trends. Look for options like metallic eyeliner, bold lipstick colours, and bare face looks for inspiration. Even if you cannot select the exact look, you can ask your hairstylist for trials to single down on the precise look that you want.

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