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The best copywriting course - how to choose it

The best copywriting course - how to choose it

When looking for a course, often the temptation is to ask: "but what is the best Copywriting course around?" A great question, because it will give you more chances to choose an effective path. For example, Content University's Copywriting courses were built with this question in mind: "What's the Best Copywriting Course Today?"

Surely, an addition needs to be made: which is the best copywriting course for you?

Yes, because there are many specializations in the sector and you will certainly have to take this into account when choosing your training. First of all, you have to remember that the market is full of generalist copywriters, and therefore having a specialization could be an advantage. Yes, but which one?

To choose an excellent Copywriting course, think on two levels. First of all, ask yourself: "What kind of Copywriter do I want to be?" Ask yourself where you want to work: in a web agency? Or a more traditional advertising agency? Or still in the company, or as a freelancer? This will give you a precise idea of ​​what skills you need as a Copywriter.

In the company, for example, you may need to be very good at Copywriting product sheets and, in general, e-commerce. Or it could be applicable for Copywriting Landing page or the KissAnime site's web. In short, this will make it very clear to you what the Copywriting course you choose must-have. If it is too general a course, it is not good, because you will then have to enroll in other specialization courses. Or it might be too theoretical.

In the "first-level" of factors you need to consider, then, do the following analysis:

Ask yourself where you want to work - companies, web/advertising agencies, freelance?

If you have a particular industry in mind, are there any required skills that you absolutely must have?

What combination of skills would help you find a job as a Copywriter without any problems?

Then there is the second level, that of specialization. Being A Copywriter can be dangerous in a market with thousands of professionals. 

It is always better to be THE Copywriter or ONE OF THE BEST Copywriter of a specific niche. This allows you, especially if you are a freelancer, to stand out from the competition when the potential client has several quotes, or profiles, and has to choose a professional.

What are the specialization possibilities? There are many, for example:

  • Copywriting for landing pages
  • Copywriting for e-commerce
  • Copywriting for videos
  • Direct response copywriting
  • Copywriting for sales funnels
  • Copywriting for email marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Copywriting for Facebook, Instagram, and Social media
  • UX writing
  • CX writing

and so on.

This is an important level because it will be the one that will give the most value to your professionalism when a client has a specific problem in mind. 

If a company wants to improve results with email marketing if you are a Copywriter experienced in preparing effective email sequences from the point of view of conversions, you will be the professional of choice for the company.

The Copywriting course must therefore allow you to choose some specializations that are related and that make you a T-shaped professional, that is to say, a professional with different transversal skills and some in-depth who knows how to move very well within a sector.

In that case, look for if the Copywriting course offers different paths with " bundles " of related skills, such as "Copywriting for the landing page," UX writing, "Copywriting for the sales funnel "all specializations that are needed to cure in detail a website and above all an e-commerce.

Another fundamental element in a Copywriting course, especially online, is the availability of the school to mentor during the course and therefore to create exercises for students to correct and webinars, or classrooms, in which to discuss. 

Copywriting is an art that must be learned by doing and not just studying and therefore, this is another fundamental element: if the whole course is online, it is not good unless it is a very specific course that does not require a large investment.

 In terms of time. For example, you could enroll in a 5-hour online specialization course. However, if you are looking for a complete course to become a Copywriter, the presence of live webinars or classrooms where you can correct the homework given by the school and discuss the different solutions found is essential.

One last factor to take into consideration when choosing a course to become a copywriter is the teachers, who must be professionals, preferably from more sectors, to give you a complete vision of the world.

 It would therefore be better to have freelancers, copywriters who work with or for multinationals and who work in agencies - in this way you also have the opportunity to listen to the experiences of professionals in different areas of the market, especially if you do not yet know the path to take.

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