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How to view Instagram news previews?

How to view Instagram news previews?

Not sure about the article you need to post to Instagram and want to preview for a friend before proceeding?

Don't worry: thanks to the advice you will receive in this tutorial, you will easily achieve your goal, whatever it is.

In the guide you are going to read, I will teach you how to view a preview of your Instagram history through some tips.

I’ll show you how to make sure to preview only using Instagram, without third-party tools. And if you do not like the risk of making a mistake and you want to run it safely, I would recommend other fix methods, such as browser extensions.

How to preview Instagram news of other users

The first solution that will allow you to view the latest news on Instagram by a user is to Skip the feed completely.

In some cases, this method allows the user to notify that the article has been viewed, but it is not an error method, the content can be displayed in any case.

All in all, as you watch the news the user posted on Instagram, the show is the first story among those that have never been seen.

With that said, if you want to preview and make sure your comments aren’t counted, check out the miniatures of the stories at the top of the bar, on the big screen of Instagram.

Then touch the Historia of the user whose name precedes that of the person of interest.

Once the playback starts, hold your finger on the right side of the screen and make a short light, swiping from right to left, imitating the next jump in the user story.

As you can see the dance of the story, stops climbing up to 30% or 40% of the transition, without releasing your finger, so that you can see the content and, therefore, its preview.

By doing so, the article you anticipated will only be treated as viewed (on your account) and the content owner may not have been notified of the visit. If you repeat the above task now, you can preview the next story from a single user, if they have made too many.

Preview news without looking at them

You can use the Google Chrome extension to see previews of user news you follow, without their knowledge you have seen: IG News for Instagram / IG News for Instagram, which can be downloaded for free from the website and Chrome.

After going to IG News to download the Instagram page, click the Add button > Make noise install the plugin.

Then log in to your Instagram account, click on I IG News at the top right and, open the box, click the Go to IG News button.

At this point, click on the date in the username of the person whose story you want to see without seeing and click the download button o Download All To complete the task.

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Capture a preview of your story

If, on the other hand, you intend to capture a preview of the article, perhaps to show it in a preview for someone else to share it on other applications and platforms, the process you must follow is very simple.

First, tap the photo, which you will find in the upper left, on the main Instagram screen.

Once you're done, you'll go to the editor to tell the story.

Once you have created an article, do not click the button below (as this will cause it to be published immediately).

Instead, touch the icon with the arrow pointing down, which is at the top right. Doing so will download a copy of the history to your local device.

At this point, go to the gallery to find a preview of the article you submitted, so you can share it through other applications and services.

If you enter GIFs, hashtags, references, and any other interactive objects, these cannot be selected while downloading the private media key.

Therefore, when re-posting an image into an Instagram article, the previously added content will be stronger.

In this sense, I advise you not to close the Instagram application when you switch to the device’s media server, or exit the news editor mode, so as not to re-create it.

First of all, if you want to see an article preview it can interact with additional multimedia elements, such as numbers, GIFs, or hashtags, create a list: Close friends, add a second or friend account, and activate the archive story.

Regarding this last feature, while creating the article, tap the icons with the tool, at the top left and, in the new screen that opens, make sure the Save para file function is enabled.

Now to create a list of Best Friends, tap the icon below, in the article you are creating, and click the item Toara to the list.

On the screen that appears, select the Instagram users you want to add to this list, using the volume up button and then touch the last item, top right.

Finally, click the Best Friends icon to confirm your publication.

By doing so, you will only publish the article to the Instagram users you have shown. Also, all interactions can be selected and the article will be stored in Instagram history.

In this way, if a friend (or yourself with your second account) believes that the article is good and that all the transactions are working and are in the right place, you can publish it with all followers by saving it from history.

To share the article from your close friend's list with all your followers, on the main Instagram screen, tap the icons with the clock, which you will find at the top of the bar, and select the previously created article.

To contact the key share (below) and never increase (always below) to share the story in public.

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