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Everything You Need To Know About Two-Wheeler Insurance In India

Everything You Need To Know About Two-Wheeler Insurance In India

Many people in India commute to their workplace daily on their bikes. It is the most convenient mode of transport. You can swiftly pass through large vehicles to reach your destination on time. However, if it gets damaged in an accident, you will face a lot of trouble. However, you can avoid all the unnecessary hassles by getting two-wheeler insurance for your favorite vehicle.

Why Get A Two-Wheeler Insurance?

People who use bikes are very much dependent on them. They cannot imagine traveling without their two-wheeler. It not only saves time but is also economical. But accidents do not come informed. If your bike gets damaged, you will have to spend thousands of rupees before it is fit for use again. It will put a strain on your finances. Middle-class families will find it difficult to spend such a hefty sum all of a sudden. Having two wheeler insurance will spare you this trouble.

Moreover, the law in India makes it compulsory to get your vehicle insured. So, you cannot take your bike out on the streets without getting insurance. After all, you must comply with the laws of the land. No one will love to get entangled in legal disputes for not having two-wheeler insurance.

You should also know the different types of plans so that you can compare bike insurance before making any decision.

Here are the two different plans that you can choose for your favorite vehicle.

• Third-Party Liability Policy. What if you hit someone or their vehicle with your bike? You will have to bear the expenses of the damage caused. Things will get worse if you injure someone. However, there is no reason to worry if you have a third-party liability policy. It will take care of all your financial liabilities if you cause any damage to a third person or their vehicle. The law makes it mandatory to have a third party liability policy.

• Comprehensive Policy. A third-party liability policy will save you from legal disputes. However, it will not protect you and your bike. That is where a comprehensive policy will come to your rescue. It will cover the mandatory third party damages. Apart from that, the policy will cover all damages caused to you and your bike. You don't have to worry even if your motorbike gets stolen. A comprehensive p[olicy will cover all the expenses of repairing your bike if it gets damaged in a fire or natural disaster. So, if you are considering buying two-wheeler insurance, getting a comprehensive policy is the best option. However, don't forget to compare bike insurance before making any decision.

Get Attractive Add Ons

When you buy a comprehensive policy for your two-wheeler, you can get some additional benefits. They will widen the coverage of your insurance. Who does not want to get a bonus? However, you have to decide which features you need. Moreover, check if there are any extra costs.

• NCB protect. NCB stands for No Claim Bonus. When you do not claim the insurance coverage in a year, the insurance provider offers a discount on the premium amount. It can range up to as much as 50 percent. However, if you make your claim in a particular year, you will lose all the accumulated discounts. An NCB protect feature can save you in such a situation. It will make sure your discount amount is not lost even if you make a claim.

• Zero Depreciation Cover. Many a time, your favorite vehicle gets harmed to such an extent that its parts need replacement. In such cases, the insurance company does not pay for the depreciation. If you have the zero depreciation add-on, the company will bear the full cost of replacement including the wear and tear of the parts.

• Passenger Cover. Your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance includes personal accident coverage for the owner. However, if you are looking for insurance coverage for the pillion rider, opt for the passenger cover add-on.

How To Claim Your Insurance?

• In case of an accident, inform your insurance company as soon as possible.

• If it is an accident, take your bike to a garage nearby.

• If your favorite vehicle gets damaged by theft, lodge a police complaint without any delay.

Following these steps will ensure that you can get your claims settled smoothly.

PayBima provides the best bike insurance at affordable rates. Compare bike insurance options before purchasing one for your favorite vehicle.

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