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How to spy on iPhone without them knowing

How to spy on iPhone without them knowing

In the present time, people have become dependent on digital media. Everyone loves to have digital gadgets these days. Carrying of mobile phone has become an important need of time. One can do a large number of activities with their smartphones including their data, use of social media, chat & call history. The iPhone spy app provides parental and business protective tools. Parents can access the phone and spy on several activities without taking the phone into their hands. They can monitor the iPhone device to the fullest. Parents use this software to make sure their child is protected from the harmful effects of digital devices.

What is the iPhone Spy Application?

iPhone spying software is a powerful and authentic tool to monitor all activities of iPhone devices. Spying software supports all major latest OS of iPhone. Users can easily control and monitor the iOS devices. The user can use powerful and advanced tools. The user can monitor the online activities of children and employees secretly.

Why Spy on an iPhone device?

Parental control

Parents are always worried about their kids with the mobile phone on social media and all other activities of their kids. Parents can also recover the location of the targeted iPhone if it is lost. In short, parents can get to know all activities of their kid's iPhone secretly.

Employee's surveillance

Business organizations are also worried about their business data and information because they want to save from the competitors to protect the goodwill image of their business. So the monitoring app performed a role to monitor and spy the all activities of employees.

Individuals protect

There are a lot of people who love to use iPhone devices. Everyone wants to create a backup system of call logs, SMS, browsing history. iPhone monitoring software empowered them to create a backup to the fullest. It provides the safety of their data and tracks the location of lost and theft devices.

Other Reasons

  • It prevents cyberbullying.
  • It protects children from stalkers online.
  • It regularly updates about teen's activities.
  • It enables to spot inappropriately installed app on iPhone.
  • It operates the inappropriate sharing on social sides.
  • It can catch the call from the stranger.
  • It cans an eye to teens to protect them from the harmful effects of social media.

Why Use TheOneSpy iPhone Spy Application?

TheOneSpy is monitoring and tracking software for parents to control their kids' activities and to monitor the employee's activities at the workplace. TheOneSpy surveillance app is the most popular app in the current technological time. The iPhone monitoring app is a powerful technology that remains hidden on any iOS device.

How to Install TheOneSpy Application

The following process is for the installation of the iPhone monitoring application.

  • Jailbreak the iPhone device which allowed accessing the TheOneSpy monitoring application.
  • Subscribe to the TOS iPhone monitoring application.
  • Get physical access on iPhone devices.
  • Get all information on the dashboard of iPhone and iPad devices.

Features of TheOneSpy iPhone App

Call logs

You can use the phone tracking app to spy on the iPhone of incoming and outgoing calls.


It can track the incoming and outgoing SMS of the iPhone. TheOneSpy uploads on its dashboard.


iPhone monitoring application (TheOneSpy) users can monitor on Imessages.

Device info

It makes it easy to provide all information about iOS devices further with the name of the device.


Parents can monitor on WhatsApp with an iPhone monitoring app. Users can also get calls and text messages.

Installed App

The iPhone monitoring app able to monitor the iOS device and knows about the installed app.


With the use of a monitoring app, users can get to know all appointments in the iPhone calendar and you get to know the location and time zone.


It makes it able to track all contacts which already saved on the iPhone. Notes

By the use of a monitoring app, it will able to get them organized and detailed information made in the term of checklist, web links, documents, and list.


The iPhone spy app makes it possible for you to spy on all activities of an iPhone device secretly. TheOneSpy software monitors the targeted iPhone device without them knowing. 

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