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50+ Unusual Facts to Know about Your Body

50+ Unusual Facts to Know about Your Body

The human body is a mysterious place where so many twisted hidden truths reside. Do you know at what rate your heart beats or how many times you blink a day or what is your capacity when it comes to holding breath? Weirdly, we are so uninformed and aloof from our very own existence that we still are unaware of what makes us up, let alone the existence of the outside world. We know more about machines and technology than the makers of the same. This body which works night and day to sustain a living is sadly given less attention.

There are a few basic facts about the human body that we ought to know. It is important to know weird and interesting facts about your body, not only is it fascinating but also it is good to be aware of ourselves. Are you not curious to know about the bizarre ways in which your body functions? You do not want to stay indifferent to your being, do you? Well, in that scenario, listed below are certain chosen facts that will shake you up or at least get you thinking about yourself. Have a look at them and understand yourself better! Before we get into the facts, considering the current times, kindly use disinfectants and wipes to keep yourself and your surroundings clean.

#50+ Fascinating Facts about the human body!

1. Do you know what is the largest organ of your body? It is your skin! Yes, as surprising as it may sound, the skin is undoubtedly the largest organ of your body accounting for 15% of your total body weight. Isn't that crazy?

2. The cracking sound of your knuckles on folding them forcibly is the bursting of bubbles that gets trapped in-between your bones. All these years you must have thought that is the cracking of your bone or bones rubbing against each other, right? Mate, you are wrong!

3. We are blessed with two kidneys each but did you know that the human body can function smoothly with just one kidney! Yes! Our bodies are designed in a way that it can function the same way it functions with two kidneys, without a problem. This is the exact reason why kidney transplants or kidney donation is such a common practice. People in dire need of money or to help save the life of their loved ones often donate one of their kidneys to gift life to someone else.

4. This is a fun fact to know but your ears never stop growing! Is it not that bizarre that your body stops growing further after a certain age but only your ears continue to grow?

5. Do you know what is that organ in your body with the highest blood flow? Heart? Nope! Lungs? Also incorrect. You will be surprised to know that this organ is your pair of kidneys! Yes! Isn't that weird? This is the primary reason why your kidneys are the body's natural filters, filtering out all impurities that get formed in your blood and removing all toxins through urine. This is why they have the highest blood flow in your body.

6. This one's a little yucky but did you know that you produce enough saliva in one year to fill two bathtubs up to the brim? Yes, that sounds nauseating to your senses but it is true! Normally people do not keep a track of their saliva secretion but imagine filling two normal-sized bathtubs with your saliva per year! Disgusting but true!

7. Oh, this one is interesting! Did you know that if you join all your blood vessels end to end they will form a chain long enough to encircle the diameter of the earth four times! Isn't that crazy? Blood vessels constituting our body if joined end to joined can measure out this planet four times! But hey, you better not go further with this thought and let them stay inside the circumference of your body. It's a rightful place!

8. Do you know which bone in your body is the strongest and the longest? It is the femur bone of your thighs amigos! Also, what about the smallest bone in your body? Any idea where they are located? In your ear! One of the ossicles is the smallest bone of your body.

9. There are a total of 600 muscles in your body, of which the strongest muscle is the muscle in your jaw known as the masseter muscle. The weakest muscle of all is the one located in your ear(middle region), known as the stapedius muscle.

10. This might sound a little scary to know but at any given time, your skin surface consists of 1000+ bacteria calling you their home sweet home. While you read this the bacteria must be soaking in the comfort of your skin. This is the reason why our skin is so important in acting as a shield to our delicate organs inside. It takes up to 28 days for our skin to shed completely and form new skin cells.

11. You are the tallest in the morning did you know that? You might be laughing at this but it is indeed the truth my friend! Your cartilage tends to compress your body while you move around during the day. At night, they relax and tend to elongate, thus, making you tall by morning!

12. Our body is blessed with the capacity to repair itself when faced with wear and tear. But did you know that there is one such portion of our body that cannot repair itself on its own? That part is your tooth. The tooth is the only part of your body that cannot overcome cavities or any other damage for that say. It is generally removed by the dentist if it is harmed.

13. A person is likely to die of lack of sleep first then due to lack of food. Isn't that bizarre that mere lack of sleep can be the cause of one's death?

14. Oh and did you know that your blood contains enough iron in it to create a nail 3 inches long? Fascinating, right?

15. This one's cute. Did you know that 1 in 2000 babies are born with a tooth? Is it adorable to see their first smile with a peeping small tooth? How wholesome is that! 

16. One person in twenty is born with an extra rib or extra pair of ribs. Mostly, these people are found to be men. Now we know the mystery behind Adam's extra rib hmm!

17. This is one that is disturbing to know but a fact nevertheless. Did you know that a human head after being severed from the body still has its senses intact for a good 15-20 seconds? Disturbing and hard to imagine but it is true!

18. Your hair grows a length of roughly 6 inches every year. It also depends from person to person but this is the rough length of scales for an average person every year.

19. Here's a little knowledge on your lungs. Did you know that your left lung is approximately 10% smaller than your right lung? Also, your left kidney is somewhat placed a little higher than your right kidney? Interestingly, both these pairs function similarly and this difference does not define/affect their work.

20. Oh and your teeth are as strong as the teeth of a shark. Hard to believe when you look at those monstrous teeth in the movies. But we carry the same strength in our teeth!

21. Did you know that scientists have estimated that our nose can recognize almost a trillion smells! Isn't that crazy to know?

22. This one is cute. Did you know that we humans are the only species blessed with the ability to blush? That is right, amigo! It is only you blush at the sight of cute dog videos. That blush is sadly not reciprocated!

23. Weirdly, sometimes the brain is more agile when we are asleep than the time when we are awake. Is that the reason why we get such vivid dreams sometimes? Why cannot our over-productive brain just rest when it is time to rest? Ughh!

24. Every year your body loses about 4 kg of dead skin cells. Do we even realize that we shed 4 kg every year just like that? We do not.

25. Oh and did you know babies do not shed tears until they are a minimum of one month old. Ever seen a younger baby cry buckets? I bet not!

26. Our little heart which is so sensitive to pain and is always guarded by our strong rib-cage beats about three billion times during an average lifespan. It is hard to imagine it like this at a given moment but try to understand the kind of non-stop labor our heart does to keep us alive and going. Such strong yet vulnerable beasts we have inside of us!

27. This one is interesting. Do you know the speed at which information travels inside our nerves to tell us what is happening around us? The speed is calculated to be 400 km ph. Isn't that INSANE? It is almost like a race is on inside our body to formulate the tiniest of happenings around us.

28. This one is very illuminating. Strange enough, our body is believed to emit a certain amount of light which the eye fails to capture because it is so negligible and sensitive to sight. How cool is that? We are little suns walking around the world, carrying our light within ourselves. Makes sense literally and metaphorically!

29. Do you know our bodies spread more germs while shaking hands than kissing? A bizarre fact to know right?

30. The strongest muscle in the human body is our tongue and the strongest bone in our body is our jawbone. Our tongues might have got strong muscles from all the chatting and eating it is subjected to daily!

31. Talking about tongues, did you know that just like our unique fingerprints even our tongue prints are unique. Crazy, isn't it? I mean, who would have thought that!

32. You might know this one already but you cannot sneeze with your eyes open! If unsure, try closing your eyes the next time you sneeze! careprost

34. You also cannot tickle yourself. Try tickling your sensitive body parts and watch yourself not reacting at all. The same, if done by someone else, will surely render you screaming and laughing!

35. Did you know that the acid your stomach secretes is strong enough to melt down a razor blade. Damn! That is some guts our stomach got! Imagine melting a razorblade with nothing but an acid that your body secretes. Sounds like we are those poisonous crawlers inhabiting the grounds of Australia.

36. Another interesting fact about our heart. Did you know that our heart possesses the energy to spurt out blood 30 feet in the air? Yes, that is right. Energy to spurt out blood 30 feet in the air is simply beyond human imagination but it is a fact and we are bound to believe it!

37. To all the smokers out there, hear, hear! It is found that 3 to 4 cigarettes contain enough nicotine to kill a person if ingested whole. Few of us carry the idea of death so close to us, literally fuming it on our lips. A bit of carelessness and a life is lost. This is one of the reasons why cigarette smoking is found to be injurious to health. Chain smokers reduce their lifespan in this quest. Not only does it damage your organ, but it also gradually shuts down your thinking ability. Your ability to remember and recollect. It heavily damages your memory too.

38. Very few people in this world with little effort and practice can learn to move their ear or at least twitch it. Only 3% of the world's population can do so. Are you one of them? Try and let us know!

39. This one is a tad sad to know but every two out three people cannot see perfectly. Thanks to the overuse of gadgets and all work coming down to the generation of computers. We are losing on the most blessed gift bestowed upon us.

40. Oh and did you know that 80% of our brain is just water! Weird, right? Well, if 70% of our body can be made up of water then why not our tiny little brain?

41. Our nose can smell and remember over 50,000 different smells and research suggests that women are better smellers than men! What a weirdly satisfying fact that is! Men, better buckle up your smelling game.

42. This is beautiful to hear. Ours is the only species to have been blessed with the ability to shed emotional tears. No other species in the world cry because of overwhelmed feelings. Beautiful, isn't it?

43. Except for a pair of identical twins, each one of us bears a unique smell. All of us carry a unique bodily smell that solely belongs to us. This is why I think rescue dogs find it easy to rescue us or find us. They track down our unique smell!

44. Our brain does not feel pain. How bizarre is that? The fact that the brain can process and understand and pain and not feel it, is a whole different level of cool. Its job is only to inform you that you are going through pain. It literally works as a pain messenger. Sigh.

45. You might be knowing this. Nails on your fingers are likely to grow faster than the nails on your toe. We already sense this when we have to cut our fingernails once every two weeks while toenails are chopped maybe once a month.

46. Why do we yawn? Any idea? Well, even scientists and researchers are clueless about this! They have come to the conclusion that yawning perhaps helps in regulating our body temperature. Also, it widely connotes that either the person yawning is bored or sleepy.

47. Did you know that the blood in your body makes up to 8% of your body weight!

48. Also, if you did not know, we human beings are the only species in the animal kingdom to have chins. Think about it, have you ever seen any animal with a chin? I am sure you have not!

49. Your thumbs carry their own pulse. What privilege that is!

50. 50. Your belly button develops natural hair to capture lint. Is not that amazing and very protective of our body?

51. Oh and this one is rare. Did you know that while breathing, only one nostril takes in the air and lets it out? This workload is then shifted to the other nostril in a few hours. That is how we breathe every day. 

Ankita Sharma

Ankita Sharma

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