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Are Karambit Knives Good For Self Defense?

Are Karambit Knives Good For Self Defense?

There are so many knives you can choose from which fulfill a specific purpose. You need to know which blades can do you better than others and how to get your work done. For that to happen you have to have an eye to know which blade has the right edge and sharpness. Apart from that, there is also the fact that knives are incredibly handy if you know how to use them. When it comes to the more extreme blades, there is more to think about than just the shape. Karambit knives are one of those knives that have a unique structure and purpose.

When you are looking for a good weapon for personal security, there is nothing better than karambit knives. The shape is what makes it so ideal for it because it is meant for attacking and slashing. The basic feature is that karambits have a claw-like curved edge that can dig into the flesh. They were invented as far back as the 12th Century where they were used for infantry and agriculture. Given the shape of the knife, they were in regular use in rural Singapore. This East Asian weapon eventually became pretty pivotal to warfare and is still in use today. If you know how to use it right, it is ideal for self-defense. 

The Function Of A Curved Knife

Usually, any knife you would use would give you a good cutting edge and force. What you really have to think about is what the implications of this blade are. They are curved blades which means they don’t really work as well as being used sideways. They are better suited in an upwards to downwards position or vice versa for maximum impact. The sharper side is on the inside rather than the other way around. You need to hack it to use it in an effective way.

In farming and agriculture, the karambit is very good for chopping. It can be used for harvesting crops as well as sowing them in the soil. They have a wider bottom and a thinner edge so they can rip, dig, hack and slice with finesse. In many cultures, they are used as smaller blades for gardening as well.

Something as menacing as a karambit blade is also very useful for hunting. The claw-like form allows the wielder to use it for striking and killing small animals. The edge of the blade ensures that it can rip through the hide and into the meat directly. It is also quite sturdy so it can be used roughly and repetitively without issues of wear and tear.

Types Of Karambit Knives You Will Find

One way or another, all kinds of knives change with time in their design and structure. Either they are manufactured in different materials or their outlook is changed. In addition to all those things, karambits are also modified in mechanism to match modern use. You will usually get two types of karambits in the market under which there are other variations.

In an assisted opening karambit the edge of the blade is folded into the handle for safety. Since the blade is curved, it can hurt your hands, and this new version is easier to carry around. There are manual and spring assisted folding knives in the karambit category. The spring assisted one has a loaded spring that holds the blade in place. It is only released by pushing a lever or button which springs the blade open quite literally.

As opposed to that you have the fixed blade karambit, which, as the name dictates, has a fixed edge. It doesn’t move and is firmly embedded into the handle of the knife. The real kicker is that due to the firm structure, these karambits can be bigger in size and wider. They are also built from sturdier materials and can be used more roughly than others.

In both these categories, you will be very lucky to find a double edged karambit version. The blade is still curved and super sharp but from both sides. If you get such a knife, you have to get a sheath which will keep the blade from cutting you. The edge has to be protected from rust and dents and the sharpness is what will keep it handy.

How To Defend Yourself With A Karambit

Out of all the fixed knives you can get, a karambit will be the most badass, without a doubt. Just the shape alone is menacing and impressive, but so is the impact. When you decide to use it for self defense, you have to make sure it works well as a slashing blade.

• If you are fortunate enough to get a double edged blade, you can stab, strike, block and attack with it.

• The most important thing to remember about the karambit is that it needs to be angled. No matter what kind you are using, you will always cause more damage from tilted attack position.

• If you are facing another knife wielding person, you can disarm them by twisting the blade out of their hands. Then you can throw it off and reverse your karambit to hit their hand or their arm.

• When you find yourself trapped in a tackle, slashing the leg or sensitive part of the body works. You need to make sure you cause your assailant enough pain that they release you.

• Remember that if you don’t learn the proper twist and tilt you can hurt yourself too. Along with the unique structure comes a greater sense of handling the weapon right.

The Best Karambit Knife In USA

While you can surely survey your local stores to find good karambits, the variety might be an issue. You will most likely get a larger stock of fixed blades more suited for warfare or farming. If you need an easy carry karambit, check out Knife Import. They are the primary dealers of wholesale knives for resale so they promise affordability and versatility. You can save money and also get exactly what you want with as little effort as possible.

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