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How to Make a Sash and Tie Them with Wedding Chair

How to Make a Sash and Tie Them with Wedding Chair

Chair sashes are strips of cloth, often of the decorative variety such as tulle, satin, or organza, tied around the back of a chair in a bow. These sashes are placed for decoration and are often used in concert with a chair cover.

At a wedding, chair sashes are often used for dressing up the chairs and giving a royal look at your chair. It is ideal to use sashes for decorating your wedding chair for enhancing the look of your simple chair. These are not difficult to make, especially when a fabric, which doesn’t need to be edged is used, namely, tulle.

Thing’s You Will Need:

• Fabric or wide ribbon

• Fabric pencil

• Scissors

• Sewing machine

• Sewing notions


Step 1:

To make a chair sash for your poly folding chair covers; first, determine the width and length of the sash according to your personal preferences and factoring in the cost. A chair sash should be at least 2-inches wide and 3-feet long. After that, draw a light dotted line with a fabric pencil along with the fabric with your desired dimensions. 

Step 2:

Cut the fabric according to your measurement, if you are using ribbon, measure and cut the length.

Step 3:

You need a sewing machine to sew a small seam on all sides of the fabric.

Step 4:

You can add any trim that you want on the edges of the sash. Lace ribbons look nice on most types of fabric.

Step 5:

At last, wrap each sash to your chair and tie it in a bow on the back.

How to Tie a Chair Sash?

• You can start by folding the wedding chair sash in half and find the middle of the sash and press it into the back of the chair. You should tightly bring the sash around both sides of the chair, wrapping it. Tie a simple knot in the back for making the wedding sash easier to work with, and to secure it into place.

• You can also make a bow in the wedding chair sash by tying the sash in the same way you would tie shoelaces. Pull the bows out to the length that you want them and fluff the material a bit to give it an airy and blousy look.

• A square knot is also a popular option for tying a wedding chair sash. After trying a simple knot in the sash, tie the ends right over left and left over right. These can also be adjusted to be tight or loose, giving you many different looks to choose from.

• One of the best ways to tie a chair sash is to use the flip methods. You can just gather the two ends of the sash and flip them over the simple knot; this makes for a very simple, but very classy look.

You can make a beautiful chair sash by using the above-mentioned methods. It is ideal to buy fabrics, ribbons or another décor item like chair covers, 120-inch white round tablecloths and many others from a fabric supplier that provides all kinds of quality wedding-related products.

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