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How to fix AutoCAD is unable to load ac1st24.dll issues

How to fix AutoCAD is unable to load ac1st24.dll issues

Recently, folks reported that AutoCAD is unable to load ac1st24.dll issues are appearing on windows. This issue is not new but nowadays that type of error is appearing on regular basis. before the jump to the solution of the error first, we need to know about the ac1st24.dll file. It is a DLL file. A DLL (Dynamic Linked Library) is a library file that contains code that can be used to execute more than one program. This method saves the memory in ROM which helps the program load fast and keep it lightweight. A common example of a DLL file is ac1st24.dll that is used in all the programs of Autodesk. Not only that but this file can help you run another program that is not part of Autodesk.

ac1st24.DLL is not found solution in Autocad.

A number of solutions are considered to resolve this error. I have enlisted all the possible options that can help you resolve run your AutoCAD smoothly. The best option to resolve this issue is by download the ac1st24.dll file from any online archive. and replace it with an existing file. Updating drivers on your Windows operating system can also resolve this issue. most DLL issues occur due to corrupt drivers on your system. You can reinstall the AutoCAD software this act may pick the right DLL file to run the software. A windows update is also considered while resolving issues like this. Before trying any other option make sure that your windows are updated.

Download ac1st24.DLL

If you want to start with a DLL download option to resolve this error. you need to download the needy DLL file from the internet. once you have downloaded the file unzip it. Then you need to replace this file with an existing file. The below table shows the directory information where you need to put the downloaded file. after placement, you have to activate the file by using the command prompt. Open CMD as administrator and write REGSVR32/ ac1st24.dll and press enter and wait until it processes the code.

C:\WINNT\System32\ folder : Windows NT

C:\WINNT\System32\ folder : Windows 2000

C:\Windows\System32\ directory : Windows XP

C:\Windows\System32\ directory : Windows Vista

C:\Windows\System32\ directory : Windows 7

C:\Windows\System32\ directory : Windows 8

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ directory : Windows 10

All 64 bit : C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ directory

Updating drivers 

The driver update is a healthy activity for Operating systems. the pending updates can cause different issues on windows. Fix all the drivers that need an instant update. for updating drivers different software are available on the internet. If you want to resolve this issue free of cost you can update drivers manually. For this, you have to right-click on my computer and proceed with properties. and navigate to devise manager. Here you will find all the drivers which need an update.

windows update 

If you are facing this issue while launching other programs too. You need to update your windows. A single program error is related to a specific program or a specific file. but if you are facing this issue with multiple programs you need to update windows. however a specific windows program Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package 2015 installation also works for all programs but windows update is beneficial for improving security and even it can boost system performance too.

Update windows to resolve AutoCAD is unable issues

To update windows you can follow these below steps

  • Go to setting in the control panel.
  • Navigate to the Updates and security
  • If your windows are updated you will see no download button there.
  • If any updates are pending you will see a Pending update with a version and an option to download that update just click on the Download and install link.
  • Wait till the windows download and update the windows.
  • During this update, your computer will automatically restart several times. don't force to start or shutdown. 

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