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Must Have Trousers In Your Wardrobe

Must Have Trousers In Your Wardrobe

Looking fashionable is not always about putting on expensive clothes but it's about styling with apparels made up of quality fabrics. The ultimate smart-casual dressing comes from lightweight dressing up in a sophisticated and luxurious yet staple manner.

It doesn't matter if you are running errands, or throwing a grand party, onlookers always tend to judge us by the way we are dressed, hence dressing decently is always important. Whether you have a short, tall, or even a stout frame, choosing the right cloth does wonders to add or subtract bulk from your body frame.

Trousers are an all-time essential if you are trying for that smart casual look. If you want to go for a safer bet, then grab a solid one and try easing into it. But if you are trying to deep dive into fashion and styling, then wool will certainly get you noticed. And if you are neither here nor there kind of a man, then don't worry, you too have plenty of choices.

It is apparel that you wear for the office, or have kept aside for a special occasion, or to make you look leaner and taller. Rendering a sleek and steep look at all times is the innate job of any trouser. And yes the perfect pair of trousers do exist, they just have to follow the shape of a man's body, and no unnecessary fabric hanging all around.

Tapered till ankles, wide at the waist with ample room to roam around is what an ideal trouser feels like.

Let us dabble into various kinds of trousers available, focusing on the overall, fit look and type. From men's khakis to formal mens linen trousers, we have a range of different men's trousers mentioned below:


Preferred for being blocky, and is known to be worn lower than where you'd normally be putting on jeans. They tend to hug your legs, giving a streamlined look since the bottom is narrow fitted. Best paired with blazers or linen shirts, they'd work well in both professional and casual work environments. Unlike the olden days, today khakis are available in different color options and numerous varieties. Some slim tight, and others look kind of tacky slim. You can try numerous different styles of sneakers throughout the year and never feel out of fashion as it reflects your personality and lifts it up in a pleasant way. After all, how one dresses reflects his attitude and sincerity towards his job.


A stellar, one of a kind trousers, they are certainly counted under much more formal than a pair of Khakis. They can be simply referred to as the invincible combination of smart trouser with a perfect blend of cotton twill. Chinos are every man's best buddy. Also, the color options are insane in the case of chinos. As versatile as pair denim, this could be truly worn for every occasion. From silk shirts to plain black tee to pastel-colored shirts, all go well with a spectacular pair of light chinos. Wishing for an alluring look? You can simply pair a denim shirt with chinos that will make you look like a style guru. Now if you are stressed about the type of footwear, then here’s good news for you - from loafers to sneakers, you can pair almost any kind of footwear with chinos. You can wear chinos all day long, and wouldn't be frazzled at all because they are super comfy.