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Throughout history, human beings have been developing devices and tools that make their work easier. Devices and machines have been invented for human beings to quickly and efficiently undertake their duties. Some of the tools and machines may look simple but they continue providing us with the means to go about many things that could never have been easy without them.

Some of the machines and devices that humans use to make work easier include

• Scissors

Everyone knows that scissors are hand operated. They consist of two metal blades that are pivoted and joined together. That way, the sharpened edges slide against each other. They can be used to cut paper, metal foil, cloth, and many other items in the house. They are definitely among the most simple ones to use.

Some specialized scissors have cutting purposes but of different materials. For example, there are hedge trimmers that are used to trim hedges, averruncators that are used to trim branches, pruning shears for trimming small branches and loppers for cutting through large branches.

Today, scissors (especially those used in the kitchen) are usually made fr stainless steel to maintain food hygiene. They are also designed with rubber and thermoplastic handles to ensure that the user either exerts a power or precision grip.

• Lawnmower

Lawnmowers are machines that have made it easy to give your lawn a good cut or trim whenever it needs one. They provide a straightforward option. They have self-powered blades that trim the grass within no time.

There are different kinds of lawnmowers. The typical gasoline lawn mower will require you to propel and move it around your lawn while cutting. Some modern types of lawn mowers are robotic and drive themselves around.

The operator can fix the height that the grass needs to be cut into.

The blades are presented in two styles. Some have a single blade that rotates within a single and vertical axis. Such are called rotary mowers. Also, others have multiple blades rotating in a horizontal axis. Such are called reel mowers.

• Upholstery staple gun

UPHOLSTERY STAPLE GUNS are well and ideally suited for handyman jobs in your house as well as with DIY projects. Projects such as up-cycling, reupholstering furniture, building and repairing the furniture, and fastening furniture backs can really be aided by the use of this staple gun. It simplifies all the furniture work, making it more precise and easier compared to the use of a hammer and nails. You will also avoid accidents such as hitting yourself with the hammer.

For example, a thin cupboard back will be quickly and easily fastened with an upholstery staple gun. Since the stapler nails have a small head, they can barely be seen after they have been introduced into the material.

There are staple guns that use fine wire staples. Therefore, they are well suited for all upholstery work such as upcycling of chairs.

• Vacuum cleaner

Ever since the introduction of the vacuum cleaner, cleaning the house became an effortless task. This machine sucks and captures everything, including messes and dust from carpets and floors. In addition to that, the vacuum cleaner can be used to perform other tasks such as capturing excess pet hair, freshening upholstery, carpets and pillows and recovering small items dropped around the house (for example an earring). Interesting, right?

The dust and other substances are collected by either a cyclone or a dust bag so that it can later be disposed of. The cleaners come in different types — there some which are handheld and battery-powered, others and others which are wheeled.

• Screwdriver

Also known as a turn screw, a screwdriver is a device used to screw and unscrew screws. It can be manual or powered. The typical screwdriver has a shaft fitted to a handle. The ending has a tip which is put into the screw head, and then the handle is turned. The shank is made of sturdy steel. The tip is further hardened so as it wears out less. The handles can be made of plastic, wood, or metal. Some screws cannot be reached with the straight shank screwdriver. In such a case, an offset screwdriver is used as an alternative. It has no handle, and the shank has a right angle bend on both ends.

Screwdriver bits can also be fitted or clamped in a brace. This is an automatic handle that will rotate after it is pushed towards the screw head.

• Drill

You can't run out of uses when you have a drill in your house. While these drills have different uses, some uses are a bit popular than the others. It is among the most versatile machines you can have. The cordless drills have become a lot more common these days. They operate on rechargeable batteries and therefore enabling you to snap in batteries and enjoy incredible drilling power without being restricted by a power cord.

Just as the name suggests, the drill bores and pilots holes in wood and other materials. Also, it can be used in place of the screwdriver, making assembling and attaching easier. Some types of drills (such as the hammer drill) can even drive bolts into concrete with ease. Clearly, the drill makes everything easier.


As we have seen, several simple machines reduce the effort required to perform a task. The tools are vital as they provide the user with a mechanical advantage while undertaking their tasks.

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