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Do you need growth hacking Company for your e-commerce business?

Do you need growth hacking Company for your e-commerce business?

It is next to impossible for start-up companies to compete with the multi-brand and multi-national organisations to develop a good place in the market, through traditional methodologies. A few creative methods such as Growth hacking help these companies grow and pose a tough competition to established organisations. Such tactics would reach the target audience in a short period, with a small investment, proving that these tactics are something that the organisations should look at in the initial stage.

In this blog, you will find answers to all the questions related to growth hacking companies and their services.

What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking companies experiment with various marketing and product development techniques, to achieve goals quickly and create attractive growth opportunities.

Experts believe that there are no specific rules for a growth hacking company, nor the B2B ecommerce consultants use any particular tools or guidelines. Instead, these experts suggest technologies that could provide much-needed success for the start-ups. Every tactic or decision would be measured with the impact of its success.

Who should hire growth hacking companies?

Many B2B ecommerce consultants suggest growth hacking strategy as smart marketing tactics, especially for technology start-ups. Most upcoming companies would slowly incorporate these tactics and make it a critical part of their marketing strategies, for a service provider or e-commerce website.

Who can benefit from growth hacking?

Almost all companies, across various niches, can benefit from this form of modern marketing technology. The list of such companies is:

• Start-up companies: Start-up company's responsibility is to create a good first impression among customers and clients. Such an opinion helps create a base and develop trust. They would suggest them to others. B2B ecommerce consultants could suggest measures to for creating a great impression, among customers.

• B2B marketers: Many businesses cannot understand or pinpoint their bottlenecks. The latest technology helps streamline the process that aids business grabs higher volume deals; thus, creating a large customer database.

• B2C marketers: Content creators, bloggers, authors and email marketers fall under this category. Growth hacking would help them, as it would give them an idea about ideal customer. Such strategies would help in converting visitors into customers or clients.

• Content marketers: Different forms of content like blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, videos and infographics are known to drive traffic, which can be enhanced through growth hacking. It would surely bring in more potential customers.

• Social media experts: this form of ethical hacking allows boosting visits to the website or a social media post, at the same time turning these social media visits into customers.

How does Growth hacking work?

Many start-ups use “Pirate funnel” as a recipe for growth, which includes acquisition, retention, referral and revenue. It is the responsibility of the companies to figure out growth ways, which should always be included, as part of the growth hacking services. The main aim is to increase traffic, and visitors into users, who could be potential customers.

Ways to start this modern form of marketing

The start-up should first create the product or service, and make sure that the customers want it and are keen on the services. Such data would help in finding potential buyers and target growth marketing tactics.

Updating the product at regular intervals as per customer feedback would put the organisation on the right track. People use A/B testing and other techniques for effective growth hacking. It would help track success and continued growth. Growth hacking companies can also use social media advertising and pay per click technologies to promote their business.

An experienced B2B consultant working in tandem with growth hacking company would surely allow the company to reach heights, where in they can pose a tough companies that have already have a stronghold in the market. A novice would neither have experience or appropriate tools to provide business with necessary tactics. 

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