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Here is what my quick weight loss diet plan did to me

Here is what my quick weight loss diet plan did to me

Weight loss plan that changed my life

It came a time when I was about to quit and strangle myself because of no hope. My situation worsened with the weight I gained. Hearing touches of sarcasm and passing of funny jokes shed me down and so my confidence. This was when I thought of becoming a strengthened tiger rather than an ugly duckling. After choosing to opt for so many and even so cool quick weight loss diet plans, I thought of having one of my own. Though it was the first time I planned something, I managed so beautifully via adding up the sensible eating.

My experience is worth reading if you are stressed about your excess weight or want to lose it as early as possible.

“Your appearance turns outs to be the ultimate boost of confidence in you”

What simple advice can I give?

There are two pieces of advice that I offer as below;

  1. Firstly, what you eat gains more weight than the workout you do regularly. Even when I was in the phase of mensuration, I worked out more than 13 miles. And sadly, there was no result. Now when I started my weight loss journey through clean eating, the reduction in my weight is such a blessing.
  2. Finally not having yourself measured at different intervals is the biggest mistake we usually make. So it’s better not to fly your efforts behind and measure.
A Healthy and quick weight loss diet plan needs to include “what suits the best for you” for a healthier you.

In the race of sharing diet plans for the people to follow for the new year, I’ve always kept in my mind that the new year needs to be better than the previous year.

My quick weight loss diet plan changed my way of living

Having the right food at the decided mealtime is what I preferred

Planning plays a vital role and success comes to those who plan. Asking my fellows about their weight loss journey made me hear the struggle I am already in. of course cheat days do come but this does not mean that we compromise regularly. Instead, let my weight loss plan leave the window so that a fresh start can take place.

What did I do?

When I cooked a French toast as the first meal of the day, I may also go for fast food for lunch. And that’s’ it. This turns out to be the total meal for the day. What I did throughout my day then is relying on ice cream as the evening meal.

Remember to keep yourself accountable for what you eat, the calories, portion sizes, as this will turn out to be a key to success for you.

So get the right food ready for yourself and note this down at the top of your healthy eating plan. A great mixture of juicy fruits, vegetables, and grains can work wonderfully.

Count your calories and the portion size of the food you will eat

When it comes to losing weight fast, of course, it’s a matter of choice. But success comes to those who are patient, consistent, and hold the strength to play the long-run game. Make up your mind, decide on the behavior to carry and that’s’ it!

Interesting facts I came across while eating in portion sizes

  • In the beginning, the size of the meal I made was quite big. Lately, when assumed as the portion of rice, I got the answer. So I allowed myself to go for 400 to 500 calories for any meal when consumed with rice.
  • Improved me to 4 egg whites rather than having the yolk with butter or cream cheese. Both yolk and butter are rich in calories.
  • Stopped me from stepping in for restaurants' dine away services. I actually realized the things they are adding to add both taste and aroma to the food. It does not really mean that I stopped myself from eating foods in the restaurants. I actually take more time listing the menu and finding out that food with the least calories.

In short, I am eating everything, but in portions. I make plans every night for the next day and achieve the goals I set. That’s not it. I also walk and exercise to spare my calories, especially where there is something special I do not want to miss.

Throughout my weight loss journey, I have tried my best not to cheat as it takes me back to where I started and this is completely a waste of time for me. But thanks to the ego-depletion theory that I learned. This basically is the strategy as per which the humans are fixed to an amount of willpower. Obviously, none would act in a way that promotes self-destruction. But the beginning to lose weight was quite challenging so I made sure that I save my 200-300 calories so the room to cheat stays with me.

Undoubtedly, it is very strange to feel hungry like a wolf. I really felt like eating more and more, but with every passing, I started accepting my inner feeling. Today, I love feeling hungry when I wake up and my periods of sleep are far better than they have been ever.

To wrap up my experience, I would also like to highlight one of the things and that is “say no to Alcohol”. It’s not just a drink, but an odd drink. Your eating and drinking behavior have a lot to do with your weight loss. So better having to control oneself for the sake of self-love and confidence!

Good Luck!

maira sheikh

maira sheikh

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