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Do's and Don'ts for Air Duct Repair and Replacement in 2021

Do's and Don'ts for Air Duct Repair and Replacement in 2021

A new year has just started. And we have a year full of various weathers to enjoy in Dunwoody. It doesn't matter it's chilly or a hot sunny day. At last, all that matters is that you have dealt with air duct repair and replacement before time. And now you have a fully functioning HVAC system that can provide you comfort every time.

To enjoy heating and cooling from your HVAC system, it is crucial to take care of your system. with care, we mean cleaning and maintenance. We believe that the only way to achieve this goal to have air duct cleaning Dunwoody done before the start of any season. Perhaps this is the only practical and cost-efficient way of attaining your air conditioning and heating system's exclusive benefits.

To rescue you from various problems that might arise anytime, let's have a look into the Dos and Don'ts of Air duct repair and replacement Dunwoody.

Points to keep under consideration while repairing your AC

Inspect your Ac evaporator coils and fins

Apart from cleaning the filters, it is necessary to check the coils and fins. Why so? Here's a detailed answer! When the filters manage to collect dust and debris and even pet dander, the evaporator coil, on the other hand, contains them too and somehow manages them to pass. Comparetlety if you manage to get your coils serviced twice a year, this situation doesn't occur. A clogged coil reduces the airflow and puts a strain on the machinery itself. In this way, high energy is consumed and even damaged the coils.

Additionally, fins need attention too. Fins get to bend over time if not appropriately checked. It can block the air passage and effects the efficiency of the unit. That is why it is considered a crucial step in air duct cleaning Dunwoody.

Do focus on the air vents.

Air duct repair and replacement Dunwoody focuses on air vents. It is essential not to block the vents with anything. With blocking, we meant, don't place furniture in front of your vents or any other object that could block the passage of air. Covering them for the sake of decoration will only cause harm. The obstruction affects the system's efficiency and slows it down, leading to increased wear and tear and sudden heating and breakdowns.

Regularly replace and clean your filters.

The most important of all maintenance tasks is to clean the filters regularly—no matter what year it is. Filters are the central part that captures everything to ensure your air quality is pure. They require proper attention and care.

You would never like to have dirt flowing in your home and on every other object. Neither would you like to do an extra chore? Keeping this under consideration, make sure that you clean your reusable filters every month. If you have disposable filters, make sure you get them replaced soon. The sooner, the better.

If you delay, the ducts become clogged. They put immense pressure on the units to works. Furthermore, they become one of the reasons for the system to break down in an instant.

Don't deep clean yourself; hire a professional

Not every task is meant to be done by self. There are many parts in your HVAC system that are sensitive and might get damaged if not cleaned with utmost care. However, Checking on the filters and replacing them is easy, and anyone with quite the knowledge can do it. But never mess with complicated parts such as coils, deep cleaning ducts, and sanitizing or checking the refrigerant levels by yourself.

You might never know, but a simple mistake could lead to more damage than you might think of. It could cause leaks or corrosion on the duct walls. Furthermore, it might be dangerous for you itself. That is why it's necessary to call a professional that is certified and has a proper license. A well-trained person can inspect and help you overcome your problems without damaging any part further.

Don't wait for your system to break down for maintenance.

One of the common mistakes many homeowners make is, they don't call for maintenance. They think it is okay to clean the air ducts, Dunwoody, slightly, and it will do the job. Little do they know the more you delay your maintenance, the higher your system's chances are breaking down.

People often ignore it because of the maintenance cost. Let me clear one thing; maintenance and repair cost is far more worth it than replacing the entire unit. When found out upon inspection every other month, simple things save a lot more cost and help your HVAC system run at its optimum and with full speed. If you ignore the little things and wait for something big to happen, it will only cost you a fortune and do no good.

At MMI, we believe simple repairs and replacements can save you from significant damage if done on time. With their prior experience and training, our professionals can detect which parts require first most attention and instantly deal with them. To learn more about our working methodologies, feel free to ring us up.

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