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HirinGuru – Opening Endless Possibilities for Technical Recruitment

HirinGuru – Opening Endless Possibilities for Technical Recruitment

Choosing the right candidate for the technical hiring is crucial. Ask any business leader and he may tell you the importance of making the right technical hire. There’s a reason why HRM managers spent countless hours screening through the resumes upon resumes of potential candidates. They keep looking for the perfect candidate with the right qualification, expertise, and morale to fit in a pressing technical role.

But isn’t manual screening too cumbersome and inefficient, right?

Remember, we are talking about hundreds and thousands of resumes here. Screening such a massive number of resumes manually isn’t just time-intensive but also highly prone to errors.

Enters technical hiring platforms…

Technical hiring platforms are the modern-day resurrection of HRM managers. These platforms are meant to screen, assess, analyze, and rate technical candidates against any open job vacancy. By automating most of the tasks related to technical hiring, the platforms not only help save time and resources for the businesses but also help them choose the perfect candidate for a technical position.

Below we will be reviewing one such technical hiring platform that arguably is the best platform for hiring software technology related hiring - HirinGuru!

What is HirinGuru?

HirinGuru is the new generation of technical hiring platform that’s offered as a cloud-based recruitment system for businesses. The platform is developed to help businesses of all sizes with easy, efficient, and affordable technical hiring solutions against development, coding, and programming positions. The platform comes with various tools, and functionalities to automate the hiring process by screening, testing, analyzing, and rating the best candidates.

The right assessment is key in determining the right candidates against an open technical position. Thereby, HirinGuru brings in multiple assessment approaches including stock questionnaires, customized testing, problem-based assessment, and others. This ensures that businesses are able to determine the real efficiency and expertise of candidates and make well-informed technical hiring decisions.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, coding (Java, Python, C, C++, R, etc.) are some of the fields where HirinGuru can help businesses assess and rate candidates for technical hiring.

Why you need HirinGuru?

In the tech world today, resumes aren’t sufficient to test the skills, and expertise of a candidate. In fact, many leading tech giants around the world stress on practical skills of candidates more than degrees and certifications. This means that degrees and certifications alone no longer sufficient to make the right hiring decisions. Rather, it’s the practical skills and problem-solving capabilities of candidates that are primarily targeted by leading tech companies.

With HirinGuru, tech businesses can assess the expertise, and strengths of programmers, data scientists, and coders by assessing them with a real-world problem. The platform brings in various real-world scenarios for candidates to prove their experience and problem-solving abilities. This subsequently helps businesses to have the right picture of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

HirinGuru is even more important for tech businesses with non-tech business leaders or HRM. I mean, how possible an HRM with little to zero knowledge on technical subject matters can assess the competency of a technical candidate? HirinGuru brings them a reliable, and efficient platform where they may assess the technical prowess of candidates against any open position and be confident of hiring the top talent every time.

Features of HirinGuru:

HirinGuru comes with an intuitive interface for an easier user experience. The platform brings in a host of features and functionalities that seems to be missing in some of the other technical hiring platforms, like stock questionnaire, decision support system, and others.

Some of the worth-mentioning features of HirinGuru includes;

1. Single Sign-on

Don’t want to fill-up multi-pages sign-up forms? How about just signing-up with your social media accounts? Yes, you don’t necessarily have to fill-up pages and pages of forms to register to the platform. You can simply create an account using social media accounts or a Google account. This removes any hassle in the registration process and helps get started immediately.

2. Stocked Question Bank

Looking for an immediate hiring? How about assessing candidates against an already developed questionnaire?

HirinGuru brings in arguably the largest stock questionnaire library for multiple positions. The questionnaire is developed by industry experts, and researchers to test the true mettle of candidates. Thus, helping businesses in need of urgent hiring to make well-informed and quick hiring decisions.

3. Custom Coding Tests

Well, if you are looking for something extra, how about creating your custom test? That’s because HirinGuru offers users to create customized tests for all technical positions. The tests can be created by users for any programming language, or data science field using HirinGuru’s stock questionnaire or all by themselves. This assessment approach is great for tech companies looking to fill-in specialized positions or looking for a candidate with expertise in a certain domain required for a project.

4. Multiple Programming Languages Supported

As a premium technical hiring platform for programmers, coders, and data scientists, HirinGuru offer supports for all major programming languages including;


- C++

- C#

- Java

- Python

- JavaScript


5. Enterprise Ready

As a cloud-based platform, you don’t have to worry about scalability issues with HirinGuru. The platform offers complete support to enterprises looking to screen hundreds or even thousands of resumes at once. Also, with flexible pricing models, you can be sure to pay only for the resources you need.

6. Reporting and Analytics

For any technical hiring, it’s important to get insights into the candidates’ assessment tests. With HirinGuru, businesses get access to interactive and in-depth reports highlighting the performance level of each candidate. Also, the advance analytical features help businesses to assess the skills of candidates against multiple decision criteria. Thereby, you can be sure to make the best technical hiring for your business.


HirinGuru offers multiple pricing packages to fit the need of all businesses. Currently, the platform is offering 4 different packages including;

1. Pay as you go ($10)

- One test attempt

- 24/7 support

- Unlimited Custom Test Suites

- Custom Coding Tasks

- Unlimited Custom MCQs and Descriptive Tasks

- User

2. Starter ($240)

- 1 User

- 24/7 Support

- Advanced Cheating Prevention

- Unlimited Custom Test Suites

- Unlimited Custom MCQs and Descriptive Tasks

- 5 Custom Coding Tasks

- 30 Test Attempts/m

3. Business ($500)

- 5 Users

- 24/7 Support

- Advanced Cheating Prevention

- Unlimited Custom Test Suites

- 20 Custom Coding Tasks

- 100 Test Attempts/m

- Unlimited Custom MCQs and Descriptive Tasks

4. Enterprise (Cost vary)

- Unlimited Users

- Unlimited Test Attempts/m

- Unlimited Custom MCQs and Descriptive Tasks

- Unlimited Custom Coding Tasks

- Unlimited Custom Test Suites

- Dedicated Customer Success Manager

- Employer Branding

- Custom ATS Integrations

- Custom Feature Development

- 24/7 Support

- Advanced Cheating Prevention

Benefits of Choosing HirinGuru

Here’re some benefits of choosing HirinGuru:

- Get in-depth insights into candidates’ strengths and weaknesses

- Improve efficiency by automating the screening and assessment process of technical hiring

- Maintain an effective hiring standard

- Assess candidates against multiple criteria, domain tests, aptitude tests, ML/AI algorithms, etc.

- Streamline the hiring process by integrating the platform with ATS

- Multiple pricing plans to meet budgetary needs of all businesses

Final Thoughts

When it’s about the technical hire, you can’t make any compromises. The key to the right technical hiring lies with the in-depth testing and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of candidates. With HirinGuru, businesses get access to an advance technical hiring platform with the right features and functionalities required for rigorous testing of candidates. Overall, it’s a high-performance platform that is definitely worth the value for businesses.



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