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How to use teeth whitening strips?

How to use teeth whitening strips?

As we grow older, our teeth may not look as white and vibrant as they once did. Teeth can stain for several reasons, ranging from poor oral hygiene to drinking too much coffee or red wine. Smoking can also stain your teeth. While whitening strips might not be as effective as professional teeth whitening procedures, they can help undo some of the discolorations.

So, before you use whitening strips, it’s better to learn more about using teeth whitening strips.

Using Whitening Strips in Simple Steps

1 Read the instructions

Although most whitening strips are used and applied in the same way, some brands may have different instructions. That’s why make a habit of reading the instructions thoroughly and beware of any side effects using any whitening product.

2 Clean your teeth

Always clean your mouth before applying your whitening strips. If you use them without brushing, food debris and bacteria can likely trap under the strip. The surface of your teeth will not be in contact with the whitening substance. This can result in an unappealing look.

3 Prepare your strips

Before applying, take a moment to make sure you’re using the right strip in the right direction. Some whitening strips have separate strips for top and bottom teeth. And all have a specific side that must be in contact with your teeth for them to work correctly.

4 Now apply the strips to your teeth

After the above steps, place the whitening strips over your teeth. The gel-coated side should make contact with your teeth’ surface and cover them entirely. Completely covering your teeth without any irregular areas will help evenly whiten your teeth. Also, avoid allowing the strips to cover your gums, as that can cause irritation.

5 Wait for the strips to finish working

After applying the strips to your teeth, wait for around 30 minutes before removing them. However, some brands may have a slightly different amount of time they recommend you wear the strips. So carefully read your instructions.

6 Take the whitening strips off

After putting them for the amount of time mentioned in the instructions, you will need to remove the strips. Peel them away from your teeth and dispose of them. Don’t leave them longer than the specified time as that won’t make your teeth any whiter.

Tip: for best results, avoid eating anything for an hour after your treatment. Learn more about “How long does teeth whitening last?”

7 Repeat the process

Whitening strips cannot brighten your teeth overnight. You will need to repeat the strips several times before you see any noticeable difference.

Tip: use whitening strip twice daily for 30 minutes. Once you get your desired shade, use the strips once a month to maintain your full, bright smile. 

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