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Here’s One For The Proud Owners: How To Maintain Your BMW

Here’s One For The Proud Owners: How To Maintain Your BMW

There’s no reason for us to try and convince you why to love BMW, and standing as a brand that’s been around for over 100 years, it’s one of the most beloved motor vehicle choices for users across the globe.

What many don’t still realise is that BMW actually acquired Mini Cooper in 1996 and Rolls Royce in 1998, two car brands that are among the classiest of all today. All three brands in their own right are still a first-choice among many drivers, and it only adds testament as to why customers prefer the german-based company.

But, there’s also no denying the fact that many people when considering BMW think money out the bank immediately and there’s a stigma that the brand is costly to maintain (well, it’s not really a stigma if it’s true, but alas).

Calling all BMW Fanatics

If you’ve been looking into buying yourself a BMW and have been wondering what expenses and upkeep are like, or perhaps you’re searching for better, budget-friendlier BMW parts Cape Town options, there are avenues worth exploring when relating to the buying of such.

According to the 2020 Autotrader Car Industry Report for South Africa, BMW is among the top three searched for brands in SA and get this, 50million users search for second-hand BMWs in SA every year according to the same report.

Any interest in BMW? I’d say so.

Whether you’re looking to buy a BMW brand new or second-hand, it might help to know you can find parts that are affordable. Cape Town is known as being the trendy city of South Africa, so sometimes keeping up with the Jones’ is required..just kidding! You just have to know where to look and in the right places.

Reasons why you would need to change BMW parts?

Before jumping the gun, why would you need to change or find BMW parts in the first place? Remember, there are all sorts of things that can happen on the road, and just as humans age, so do our motor vehicles, and they also show signs of wear-and-tear.

Let’s consider a few scenarios:

Accidents happen

Unfortunately, things aren’t always in our control and accidents do take place on the roads. If you’re in such a situation and a part/s needs replacing, you’ll find yourself in the position of having to replace your parts if the damage is irreparable.

Vintage/Older Model

BMW doesn’t seem to be going anywhere so you have no fear of manufacturing suddenly seizing, however, it’s been nearly 100 years since the production of the first BMW automobile, and of course, there have been tons of changes and modifications when it comes to the parts designed and used in the manufacturing of BMWs in today’s age.

Better resell value

Long time owner of a BMW and you’re looking to resell your beauty? Maybe you only recently purchased one of BMW’s latest models such as the i8 Roadster but it no longer suits your needs? For whatever reason, if you want to get a better resell value, ensure that all parts of the car are in mint condition, which might require replacing parts.

Annual Service

It’s recommended to service your motor vehicle once a year. Without realising it, and accounting for such expenses, there may be certain parts that need replacing now in order to prevent future accidents/wear-and-tear from occurring.

If you already own a BMW or are interested in buying one in the near future, it helps to know that you can get BMW parts replaced from places other than the BMW dealership itself - plus they oftentimes work out to be way more cost-effective.

Factors to consider when buying BMW parts

New vs Used BMW Parts: Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, brand new parts mean the best of the best quality, with no previous depreciation, however, used parts are always more cost-effective.

Genuine (OEM) parts VS Copy-cat (Aftermarket) parts: BMW is very specific in their manufacturing of parts, customising many of these to suit an exact model. But with today’s technology, you may find replica parts that are just as good, if not better, than the original. But do you want to take such chances with a brand like BMW? Also, genuine BMW parts may still contain a warranty as well if there aren’t older than two years.

Car Compatibility: It’s great finding a bargain, however, if you are purchasing any Aftermarket BMW parts Cape Town side, do make sure you check if they are in fact compatible with your BMW.

A BMW Buying Parts Checklist

As a send-off, we’ve included a quick check-list that easy enough to remember and can be simply be done mentally.

There are three important things to ask yourself when purchasing BMW parts.

1) Is the product/part authentic or fake? 2) What is the working condition like? - remember looks can be deceiving, and lastly, what is the product’s wear-and-tear? i.e. check for things such as rust, etc.

Good luck! 

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