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The Magic Riveryra Tour of Albania

The Magic Riveryra Tour of Albania


The Logara National Park is located about 40 km south of the city of Vlorah. It is located on the slopes of Mount Logara and covered an area of 810 hectares, at an altitude of 470 to 2,018 meters above sea level. The park is a beach yam with the beauty of the mountains. You can enjoy some of its magical beauty while travelling along the Vloor-Saarande National Highway at Kafa-e-Logaras, 1025 metres above sea level. Here, medicineand arranged plants are scattered in a pine forest. You will enter the Armenian Revira 20 minutes after driving along the national highway. Here, you can stay overnight in the park and enjoy a variety of restaurants, contemporary clubs, activities and tours. It is also a wonderful place to enjoy the real sports since The Logara is well known for international air sports such as parashooting and hang-gliding.

Mythis about is The Magic Riveryra Tour of Albania


After crossing the Kafa e Logaras on a road during Pompey, you land in the Albanian Riviera. This warm Mediterranean region has about 300 sunny days a year. The first beach on the trip is Dharaleo (Palase), known for its clean water. Pompey and his troops stopped at the beach in ancient times, when it was known as Palestra.


Dharmi is famous for its crystal clear water and small, close stone beaches, such as Jaliksari, Sakambo, and Jipia. Located at the foot of the 70 m hill, Jipia is a rare surprise. The legendary cave of pirates near Dharmi. Dharmi is a pleasant village which is believed to first live in 49-48 BC. The village is home to The Shen Maria Monastery, The Church of Shane Todhri, the Ipandya Church and the Shane Mitra Church, with the fresco from the 12th-14th century. Dharmi's main leisure activities are swimming, water sports, and diving. There are many hotels, restaurants, bar, and discothec. The restaurant is traditional and exotic cuisine is one of the most traditional, and serves many seafood specials.


Bhuno village, 8 km south of Dhirmi, which is built on a mountain facing the sea and is well known for its heritage and patriotism. Here you can visit old churches like church of Shane Spiridhoni and Mesodhia Church built in 1778, which have paintings from 1783. There are also several architectural landmarks such as the ruins of The Oedis Kasnesi's house and houses like the Tower of Shane Coats. From here, follow the wonderful beach road of Water, whose bay is different from the rest of the Rivera.