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Basmati- The King of Rice

Basmati-  The King of Rice

Rice is a solid grain that is said by nutritionists to be important for your daily diet. However, eating a lot of rice can also have its downfalls. But I think you will be delighted to find out that there are different types of rice. And the best flavored and aromatic one in it is also the one that is the healthiest for you to consume! Yes, I am talking about Basmati Rice which is also known as the king of all rice in the world. Here is why:

What makes Basmati Rice different from the other?

Organic Basmati Rice Australia is observed to have the eight key folic acids that are very essential for the human body. The human diet needs sodium, amino acids, and other substances, and all of them are contained by Basmati rice. Not only that, but basmati rice is also best known for its intense aroma which fills the entire house with its aroma when it is cooked. These are a few reasons that Basmati Rice is said to be cooked in households a lot. More so if they are Asian households. They are very easy to cook and turn into a fluffy bowl of goodness very soon. Basmati rice is one of the easiest ways to satisfy your taste buds and also keep your healthy diet maintained. So, if you care about offering the healthy and most nutritious rice to your family and get it for yourself as well, then you should look for basmati rice, in local stores or online alike.

Order The Best From The Best

Here at Hunza Foods, we provide you with a carefully sifted and pure stock of basmati rice. You can order from us online from anywhere that you are through our extremely easy-to-navigate-through website and our user-friendly services. We can provide you with not only the best rice you have ever tasted but also with the best customer service. Either you wish to buy from us in a bulk or you decide to just get a small sample amount to test and cook for your family and ask for their opinion, we are happy to provide you with whatever you desire. Irrigated in the waters of the Himalayas, our cultivated rice is the best that you will ever taste. If you see the customer reviews on our website you will be pleasantly surprised to find how many people trust us with their stomachs and taste buds!

Aromatic long grain rice- Why are they special?

Rice is the most important human crop, which feeds more people than any other crop. Rice is considered a staple food for the human population. It is also considered a healthy diet. It provides natural anti-inflammatory and is also considered as the most popular gluten-free crop it can be easily adjusted in the diet people facing a problem of gluten, It improves nervous system health, it is a good source of energy, helps in preventing constipation, helps in reducing cancer risks, prevents obesity, and promotes heart health. Rice is used in all the cuisines of many countries and is also preferred as the main appetite.

Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is a rice variety which has different aroma and flavor in all the rice varieties. This rice species is the finest quality long grain aromatic rice in the world. The beautiful aroma of basmati rice is fluffy and the texture is not sticky what makes it special for many dishes. Basmati rice is used in many ways like boiled, stir fry and in curries, etc. There are many nutrients that basmati rice provides and makes it a go-to food for people facing medical issues and helps in improving health in long term.

Basmati rice has a distinctive and rich smell when it is cooked. Brown and white basmati rice provide a lot of health benefits. For example, a person has diabetes, small portions of basmati rice can be added to the healthy diet plan, basmati rice contains a significant amount of fiber which helps in controlling weight. One cup of basmati rice contains 191 calories and only 0.61g of fat. It contains 39.85 g of carbohydrates. Basmati rice contains magnesium and potassium which helps in controlling blood pressure.

The demand for basmati rice is increasing in the united states, the middle east, and Europe. Basmati rice from Pakistan earns 3-times high-quality price from the local and international markets. Studies have shown that there are thousands of varieties in the rice but basmati rice is known best type of rice among all the species. It is also considered a cash crop for many countries.

Hunza Foods

Hunza food is a well-known established brand in Australia, which specializes in good quality rice production and provides conventional and organic rice products all over the country. The company has excellent experience of more than 22 years. The company is a leading organic Pakistani rice exporter in Australia. Hunza foods provide rice at your doorstep with easy ordering steps at reasonable prices. Providing the customers best quality basmati rice at the most reasonable prices. Deals are also available, which depends on the ordering quantity. Order now for the best quality rice products in Australia. Now you can easily Buy Basmati Rice Australia.

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