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Gmail is a free email service offered by Google for instant emailing facilities worldwide. Gmail is a highly used email service with multiple beneficial features and top security for its clientele. It allows emails from other domains as well, which makes it the one-stop for all professional communications. Gmail is designed to be intuitive and intelligent to assist in composing the emails, generating appropriate replies for the users, categorizing the emails in their respective folders, prioritizing notifications, and assisting in smart writing. Apart from all such useful functions, Gmail is quite efficient as it helps you connect with other Google services such as Google Drive and Google Photos. However, many times, users may forget their password and struggle with resetting the password with Gmail. In this blog, you will find solutions to Gmail password reset through Verification code and Gmail not working on iPhone.


To change the Gmail forgot password verification code, you must have the associated mobile number and related email address logged in. You will receive the verification code on your number or email address at your convenience. Either way, it is crucial to have at least one of them handy.

Important note: This way will work if you have previously activated 2-step authentication with a phone number.

• Type “www.mail.google.com” in the URL of your browser, and type your email address in the first column of the text box

• Now locate “Forgot Password?” and click on it; keep clicking on “Try another way” until you see the option that says “Get verification code with your number.”

• Google will ask you to confirm your number while it only shows the last two digits of your phone number; you need to type your number into the column and press “Send” once you’ve entered your number.

• You can either opt for getting a call or getting a text, select one as per your preference; you will then receive the verification code.

• Enter this code into the column displayed on the screen, select a new password, and reset the password.

This way, you can reset Gmail forgot password via verification code.


Gmail may not be working on your iPhone for the following reasons:

• Security

• Poor or no connection

• Pending Update

• Storage Full on Gmail

• Incompatibility with the browser

• Full cache

If you are encountering Gmail not working on iPhone issues then you can fix it by following the below-mentioned methods. Security can be a significant reason you may be facing this problem, and to resolve this, you may have to try a couple of ways. Refer to the following methods for solution:

Enable IMAP

Open your iPhone’s browser and go to www.gmail.com; tap on the “go to the mobile Gmail site” link placed at the bottom of your screen. Now locate “More” in the top-left corner, and tap on it. From all the options presented to you, scroll down to find “View Gmail in” and tap on “Desktop.” Now tap “Settings” and then tap “Forwarding IMAP/POP.” Scroll to “IMAP Access” and tab “Enable IMAP.”

Remove and restore the account

Open “settings” on your iPhone, tap on “Accounts & Passwords,” and then tap on “Gmail Account,” and tap “Delete account.” Now to add, go back to “Accounts & Password” and tap “Add account.” Tap “Google” from the service list, insert your correct credentials, and “Save.” This should solve Gmail not working on iPhone.

Update Gmail Account

You can update your Gmail account to identify if the previous version was causing Gmail not working. You can do it through Apple Store by opening it and searching “Gmail,” and checking if any updates are pending. If yes, update them.

Gmail Synch

Another thing to try is to check if the Gmail Synch is on, so open the Gmail application on your device. Tap on three horizontal lines parallel to each other called “Menu” and tap on “Settings,” then tap your account, and make sure the box next to it stating “Synch Gmail” is checked. If it is already checked, it means that the Gmail Synch is on, and if it was not checked, it means that it was off previously. Turning it on may cause Gmail not working to solve.

Clear Cache

Sometimes, clearing cache leaves enough space for the app to function smoothly. To clear the existing cache on your iPhone, open “settings,” tap “Apps & notifications,” then tap on “App info” from all the options displayed on your screen, then select “Gmail,” tap on “Storage” and “Clear data.” Finally, tap on “OK.” Once it is completed, restart your device and try again.

The guide or methods provided in this blog should serve as a solution to Gmail not working on iPhone problems. Try and follow the steps carefully. Make sure that you follow the steps as it is given for the best results.

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