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How recruiters find potential candidates with the help of linkedin

How recruiters find potential candidates with the help of linkedin

Everyone is very well aware of the fact that LinkedIn is the most important and widely used professional tool. Whether you are a professional or a student, LinkedIn is an ideal place to build your brand and connections. Which in turn helps you find an internship or a job as per your requirement. Thousands of companies are now registered at LinkedIn and their hiring managers approach professionals who meet their requirement criteria.

It’s essential for all ambitious professionals to have a well written LinkedIn profile which is always updated. Indeed, this era of technology has made everything a lot more easier for people. You can always Google professional CV samples and LinkedIn profiling samples online and follow them for greater chances of selection.

But obviously having a LinkedIn profile isn’t all that’s required to secure a job. You need to tailor your profile according to job positions you are aiming for. This specifies the job type you are interested in so that you receive the job offers which are in line with your requirements.

How recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates?

• Keyword Search

Hiring managers use the keyword search option of LinkedIn to select deserving candidates for the available jobs. Recruiters search for combinations of job titles and different skills to uncover the right candidates. Once they come across a promising candidate in their search results, they'll probably go through and investigate the full LinkedIn profiles of the candidates.

This is how resume sifting goes as well. Hiring managers often enter job titles, skills, qualifications and other required keywords into the company’s applicant tracking system to shortlist candidates that match the search. If your resume doesn’t pop up in those initial searches, your resume might never be reviewed by the hiring managers.

An active job seeker wants to consistently show up in search results for the positions they have applied for. This means that they should use the keywords repeatedly in their resume / LinkedIn profile. This is called LinkedIn SEO, which improves your rank in the LinkedIn search.

• Qualifications

LinkedIn offers free courses to its users so they can earn a badge and stand out when compared to other candidates. These courses reaffirm the confidence of hiring managers on your skillset and qualifications. Hence attempting these courses and earning a badge from LinkedIn is always a good idea.

Recruiters aren’t just looking for candidates with a remarkable academic history. Rather, they are interested to know what skills you possess and how you can help their company be successful.

How to write a LinkedIn profile which attracts the attention of recruiters?

• Research carefully about the positions you want to apply for

Read and make a list about your potential responsibilities and the skills needed to perform the job efficiently. Analyze what skills and qualifications you possess to mention in your resume and LinkedIn profile. It’s important that your profile highlights the skills that the recruiters are in search for.

• Tailor your profile accordingly

Include the appropriate skills that you possess which will enable you to perform the job role effectively. Use the specific keywords to stand out in the search engine of the hiring managers.

• Hire a well reputed CV writing company!

Save the hassle of so much work and hire CV writers who can guarantee a professional CV.

You can now contact SpartanCv for their expert professional services of LinkedIn profiling. They have professional LinkedIn profile writers in UK who ensure full coverage on your professional history and use the key terms recruiters are often in search for.

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