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Create a Company File in QuickBooks using Express Start

Create a Company File in QuickBooks using Express Start

To begin utilizing QuickBooks, you should initially make a Company File in QuickBooks. Setting up your company file accurately is significant to the general effectiveness of the QuickBooks software. Before you start, you might need to check your arrangement data with your CPA or with a QuickBooks Proadvisor. There are three different ways to make another company file utilizing QuickBooks. We suggested that you utilize the Express Start wizard to control your bit by bit through the arrangement process.

This feature works the equivalent in versions 2011–2016 of QuickBooks.

Create a Company File in QuickBooks

The Express Start requires a couple of moments to finish, and it is suggested that you abstain from skipping inquiries during the process. To set up your company file utilizing the Express Start wizard:

  • From the QuickBooks menu, select File > New Company.
  • In the QuickBooks Setup discourse box, click Express Start.
  • Enter name, industry, type, and tax ID data for your company. Click Continue.
  • Enter the legitimate name of your business and general contact data. Click Preview Your Settings.
  • In the Preview Your Company Settings exchange box, select the Chart of Accounts tab.

The rundown box on the Chart of Accounts tab shows accounts that are normal for your industry. The accounts demonstrated by a checkmark are those that QuickBooks proposes to remember for your outline of accounts. To wrap setting up your outline of accounts, audit the rundown of accounts, adding and eliminating accounts as suitable.

  • To add an account, click on it to put a checkmark next to the account name.
  • To eliminate an account, click on it to eliminate the checkmark.
  • At the point when you finish your account list, select the Company File Location tab.
  • QuickBooks proposes a default location for your company file. To save the file in an alternate location, click Change Location, peruse to the new location, and click OK.
  • Click OK to close the exchange box.
  • Back in the contact screen, click Create Company File.
  • To add company data manually, perform at least one of the accompanying errands:
  • Add customers, sellers, or potentially employees.
  • In the Add individuals you work with area, click Add.
  • In the data entry table, select the contact type (customer, seller, employee) and fill in accessible contact data. (Just the Name field is required.)
  • Rehash the last advance for the entirety of the gets in touch with you need to enter.
  • At the point when completed, click Continue.
  • To enter opening adjusts for customers and sellers, click Enter opening adjusts.
  • The cells in the Customers and Vendors tables are editable. Click on the cells you need to change and type the fitting qualities.
  • At the point when completed, click Continue.
  • Click Continue to add your contacts and get back to the Add Info page.
  • Add your items and services.
  • In the Add the items and services you sell area, click Add.
  • Select the sort of things to add (service or non-inventory part) and click Continue.
  • The cells in the tables are editable. Fill in subtleties for your services or items.
  • At the point when you finish, click Continue.
  • Click Continue to save your items or services.
  • In the event that you need to enter things for another class, click Add More in the Add the items and services you sell area and rehash the past advances.
  • Add bank account data.
  • In the Add, your bank accounts segment, click Add.
  • The cells in the table are editable. Fill in insights regarding your bank accounts. The Account Name field is required.
  • At the point when completed, click Continue.
  • To start utilizing QuickBooks promptly, click Start Working.
  • Select Paste from Excel or enter manually and click Continue.


Hope that you have understood the above steps.

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