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5 Best Marketing Automation Tools & Platforms in 2021

5 Best Marketing Automation Tools & Platforms in 2021

The advertising automation business has dropped out of a $500m marketplace to a estimated $6.4bn at 2024. Based on Salesforce's Condition of Marketing Report, 67 percent of advertising leaders happen to be using a minumum of one marketing automation system along with a further 21% intended to begin using one.

At The exact identical period, the listing of advertising automation systems continues to develop new instruments hitting the spectacle each year, which makes it tougher than ever to obtain the appropriate stage for you.

Despite an infinite selection of marketing automation solutions to select from, I will concentrate on seven which stood after reviewing 100+ email promotion & automation programs.

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Autopilot
  • Hubspot
  • SendinBlue
  • ConvertKit

Contrary to other comparisons of marketing automation applications, our guidelines are based on a thorough analysis that looked at over 100+ marketing automation products and also contained research over 10,000 entrepreneurs because of their opinions about their advertising automation supplier.

First things first, however. With this much difference between providers, what do you have to be on the watch for when comparing applications suppliers?

Things to consider when comparing advertising automation Program

Before we enter the advantages and disadvantages, or even the pricing comparisons, so it is important to understand what things to keep an eye out for.

I know many friends who signed for advertising automation applications, simply to realise 1 month down the point it was not harmonious with their CRM. Ouch.

Additionally, it is quite simple to get burnt from the slumping pricing arrangements and unexpected additional expenses.

In the end, it is worth it to do your own research. Below are a couple of important factors and questions to get in your mind when comparing to the marketing automation program.

Let us start off with an deal-breakers. These are the very first things that you ought to keep an eye out for if comparing advertising automation applications suppliers.

Deal breakers:

Prices -- Many advertising automation instruments are all more expensive on a sliding scale together with extra charges for training and also add-ons. They can come to be ludicrously costly very quickly if you are not cautious. I would recommend choosing a 3-5 year view when weighing your options.

Usability -- Marketing automation is also essentially intricate. Therefore, usability is vitally crucial as it will ascertain how much worth your staff extract from this tool. The intuitive the computer software is more, the more you'll cover instruction, and also the further headaches your staff will survive.

Integrations along with your current applications -- This is very important, but occasionally overlooked. Some advertising automation tools just enable integration with a few third-party programs / CRM programs.

Now let us look at your tastes. A number of them could be cost effective for you personally, but they are mainly to do with exactly what attributes the software suppliers.


CRM / earnings capacities -- Several advertising automation tools possess an inbuilt CRM system with direct scoring, and innovative tagging capabilities. Others don't have any in-built CRM, since they expect you to join the applications together with your existing CRM.

Email capacities -- although all advertising automation tools empower email advertising in some ability, some are far better than others. Would you require drip efforts? Topic line A/B analyzing? Demographic segmentation?

Content abilities -- Would you want to make landing pages, pictures, or alternative kinds of articles to send out for your messages? While most advertising automation tools allow this, a few are simpler to use and even more comprehensive than others.

ECommerce capacities -- Can you market goods online? Some marketing automation programs, for example Rejoiner and Omnisend, incorporate straight to your eCommerce platform.

Social networking capacities -- Several advertising automation tools incorporate with Facebook and Twitter, permitting you to restrain social advertisements or construct social programs from inside the service. Some also provide social media observation, to pull opinions made on interpersonal networking platforms in your CRM. These attributes are often nice-to-haves, but it may be worth contemplating whether they would be helpful for you or not.

Training & setup -- Still another factor is how long can it take your organization to execute the marketing automation applications, and also at what price? This isn't especially well marketed on some of the applications supplier's sites, so make sure you ask.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Marketing Automation applications suppliers

Within this part, I have written a quick review of the key advantages and disadvantages of each one of those advertising automation suppliers.

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign will be Utilized by over 90,000 small companies and is among the complete best advertising automation platforms. They're also the very first to pioneer the visual automation arrangement builder.

At TheOneTechnologies, we made a decision to move all our ventures to ActiveCampaign at 2016. As a group of six conducting nine ventures, it is possible to imagine how significant that the role automation plays -- so our pub was rather high when reviewing advertising automation instruments.

However, ActiveCampaign has sent and then a number.

As A consequence of being intuitive, our staff can construct complex automation strings with almost no training or support required. Predictive sending, predictive material along with automation divide tests empower us to allow our automation sequences replicate themselves utilizing machine learning.

The Last thing worth noting of ActiveCampaign is they're always releasing new features to remain in the lead. In the previous calendar year, ActiveCampaign's published predictive articles , attribution, website messages and much more. Another recent characteristic that we have discovered to be a excellent time-saver is having the capability to import and discuss automation'recipes' in a few clicks to construct sequences built from the ActiveCampaign community.

Significant : To lock this deal, you want to reserve your presentation with this page. While this page does not contain an excessive amount of details concerning this ActiveCampaign platform , it is possible to view more of this here.

2. Autopilot

When I tested Autopilot, I had pretty low expectations. I anticipated it to be another carbon-copy advertising automation tool without a new to add.

But that changed once I saw that the best-designed canvas for constructing email automation sequences whom I've come across.

If You have ever assembled an email automation arrangement, you understand how fast they may get confusing. Autopilot simplifies this in a somewhat quirky manner, by letting you annotate your automation strings with emojis, decals and explanations, which makes it effortless for groups to collaborate on constructing strings.

When it can seem a little cluttered at first glance, this attribute makes it feasible to revisit a automation arrangement annually after construction it and immediately get up to pace with that is happening.

Autopilot's reporting can also be world-class. By default, Autopilot motivates you to decide on a target for every automation arrangement, so you could later see reports on the way automation arrangement is hitting its objective.

By way of instance, if I specify a target for my guide nurturing travel to convert 20 percent of connections to purchase my merchandise, I will then make a report in this way.

Beginning At $49/month to get 2,000 contacts, Autopilot is far from the least expensive choice, especially since Autopilot doesn't offer you an in-built CRM. But, Autopilot is very intuitive and excellent for groups that have to collaborate on successful email automation strings. If we needed to proceed in ActiveCampaign, this is probably where we would go.

3. Hubspot

Let us not kid ourselves, Hubspot is over-hyped.

Pretty much everything which Hubspot provides are available elsewhere at a far lower price. And while it's correct that Hubspot does provide a free version of the applications, this does not incorporate any of the advertising automation features.

If you are searching to utilize Hubspot for marketing automation, then you will want to wake up at least $800/month (paid yearly ), and an extra $3,000 in onboarding prices. To put it differently, if your marketing automation budget is under $12,600annually, you might choose to proceed to our next proposal.

However, to give credit where its due diligence, their applications is actually intuitive and simple to get the hang of, and which to get a non small company can create all the difference. The analytics are astoundingly great, making it dead simple for business owners to understand what is effective and what's not.

Hubspot charges onboarding prices at the $3,000 -- $6,000 scope for professional and business clients (all these are the only programs which have advertising automation), in addition to a standard monthly fee between $800 -- $2,500.

If it had been me, I would take this cash and spend it upon ActiveCampaign, and it is a more innovative marketing automation system. With what is left , you might find a professional subscription into a fantastic part of SEO software such as SEMrush or even Deepcrawl, and also do some instruction on Google Analytics.

I could be overlooking something, but predicated on demoing the applications it will look to be an over-priced object of applications, but for most smaller companies it does precisely what it needs to -- empowers them to develop quicker.

4. SendinBlue

SendinBlue original Became highly-regarded as an underdog on the planet of transactional email tools until they started to make waves using their advertising automation merchandise in 2015-2016.

Allowed, SendinBlue's visual advertising and marketing automation contractor might not be as amazing because ActiveCampaign's, however it is not as strong. In reality, SendinBlue's automation contractor is indeed free from bells and whistles that it is really very refreshing to utilize after using a few of the tools which need contacting reading or support documentation simply to finish basic tasks.

Thus, what are the drawbacks?

1. Pricing -- Though SendinBlue is just one of those cheapest email marketing software now available, you will want to be in their 49/month program or over to get boundless automation workflows. While not a significant problem, this has a tendency to rule out SendinBlue for me personally when advocating a marketing automation application into a little company that's fresh for automation. After all, ActiveCampaign begins at $9!

2. Deliverability -- Deliverability is almost always a popular topic, and I am aware there are several thousand caveats at play . Nevertheless, several noteworthy research on the subject have proven very unfavourably to get SendinBlue. Luckily we really utilize SendinBlue for our partnerships and that I will affirm our deliverability prices are nowhere near as reduced as signaled in suggested from the related article, but they're not exactly the best I have seen.

Sending Restricts -- My main pet peeve with SendinBlue is that the constraints they impose on the number of mails you may send. Unlike most advertising automation programs which restrict the amount of contacts you've got, SendinBlue restricts the amount of mails you may send. Once it seems to be a yearly limitation, it is really a daily limitation (the monthly limitation has been divided by 30). It has caused us a few problems when moving more than our quota has intended emails wind up being placed on hold until the following moment.

5. ConvertKit

ConvertKit will be The easiest marketing automation instrument inside this guide. Developed mainly for authors and content creators, it is a fantastic tool for novices searching for fundamental advertising and marketing automation program.

Don't anticipate any bells and whistles ConvertKit does not have email templates, even as they invite customers to send plain-text mails to boost participation.

If You are just beginning, ConvertKit is still an adequate option that is also quite cheap, but it is really only a feasible choice for individual content-based companies.

Assessing the Purchase Price of various marketing automation software suppliers

It is a significant challenge to perform something similar for like comparison of advertising automation service costs, as some cost tiers are derived from the amount of consumers, while some are on attributes or quantity of contacts from your database.


No advertising automation tool is the best. I have summarised which choices I believe are best for businesses of different dimensions, and industries.

For Smaller companies

For Small companies, the very best marketing automation applications in 99 percent of cases is very likely to become ActiveCampaign. This is very true whenever you want an all round sales & advertising platform which comprises a CRM.

But, If you presently own a CRM, I would add Autopilot for a thought if funding permits, because their automation travel proprietor is second-to-none.

Finally, If you are operating an eCommerce company then Omnisend will dismiss both of these choices above from the water.

For medium-sized companies

For Medium-sized companies, the very best marketing automation applications is very likely to be ActiveCampaign, Autopilot or even Hubspot.

As previously mentioned, Hubspot is a fairly substantial investment, so I'd suggest that it is a fantastic alternative for bureaus or B2B service businesses, in which the price would probably be offset by winning a couple of additional clients each year.

If You conduct an eCommerce organization, subsequently Omnisend (or even Rejoiner if funding permits ) are much better choices than the three preceding.

For business companies

For bigger companies, it is probable you'll require that deliverability, safety, training and support be of a thought.

Regrettably, most other business marketing automation programs (e.g. Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua) which indicate those boxes are honestly pretty typical, and their goods are complicated and hard to use.

ActiveCampaign Are among those few exceptions. Their enterprise program comprises each one the boring, but mandatory, attributes -- from dedicated IPs and SLAs into SSO and accounts management, which you would expect as a business customer.

And For big eCommerce manufacturers, Rejoiner is probably the ideal tool for your job.

When for whatever reason you are not sure which advertising automation tool is ideal for you, then you should try out the tool under, which can suggest the ideal instrument for you according to your particular requirements.

You will Also receive a copy of our raw dataset delivered to a email address to ensure that You are able to create your own comparisons.

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