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What is the next trend in Online Education?

What is the next trend in Online Education?

Online Education is just a mode of delivery. Education remains as it is. Teaching remains as it is. Best Teacher will remain the best forever. Whether it's online or offline.

It is certain that the Internet, Computing and Communication Technology will have a very deep impact on the education sector, as it did in other spheres of life.

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Advantages of Online Education

Rewind The Lectures

The first and foremost advantage of Online Education is, you can rewind, re-watch the lectures or part of the lecture. This is not possible in classrooms.

Exams are being taken online, it has become a standard practice now.

In the same way, Education will certainly become online. And the biggest consumers of online Education won't be school children but the adults. Yes, Adults will be major consumers of online Education. The same trend is already visible. I don't think Internet will play any important role in delivering content at school level. School is inherently made to conditioned a child. Internet works contrary to this process. Internet rather tries to liberalize the education and knowledge.

Learn at Any time

Second advantage is, Online Education is accessible at anytime. This flexibility is much more needed today than anytime in past. The " Time" is simple yet a revolutionary factor which will truly make education equal and accessible.

There are people who want to study, who want to join class, who want to improve their skill set, who want to appear for exams, who want gain additional qualifications but unable to do so just because there is non availability of time.

This hurdle will not remain in future.

Best Teachers Available

Third advantage is, best of the best teachers are available for you all the time. Online Education makes it easy to scale teaching. As of now, in human history, we were able to scale learning through books, due to printing technology. Now due to internet, computing and communication technology, Teaching will become scalable.

Public Schools and Government Primary institutions will benefit alot through this technology, as online and the offline combination will reduce the need for teachers, makes best teachers available in all localities. Make education more effective. Unnecessary corruption and Bureaucracy can be avoided easily.

Direct To Home TV Technology is revolutionary if utilized properly for public education.

The Future is already Happening.- Peter Drucker.

Narrowing down to Internet-based Online Education, it is already happening.

Learn from Anywhere in the World

Traveling within any city has become a serious challenge. To travel from one part to another just to attend class is becoming hectic, Students prefer to relax and study than making their schedule packed. In Metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore it’s not possible to waste 2-3 hours traveling to attend a class. Rather a better deal is to take the online mode of the same teacher and study at home. Parents are equally concerned about the safety of children.

Working Professionals straight away opt for online mode. If it is one-day seminar then people may prefer to attend it, but not on regular basis.

The Quality of learning very well depends on the comfort of the students. And We all know the private coaching classes are packed like anything. In some of the classrooms, there exists inhuman conditions, insufficient lighting, insufficient ventilation, inadequate space. All these difficulties can be overcome if one joins the online Education option.

Online Education is more Affordable

Last and most important thing, Online Mode is affordable than offline. The fees and the flexibility which is being offered is phenomenal. Such kind of payment facilities only make it more attractive. Moreover, Students get wider choice of teachers. Think of a student / candidate from tier 3 city. A working woman, who wants to study for competitive exams, but can't do it due to lack of finances, conservative family orientation and additional expenses which will occur if she shifts to another city just to take coaching.

Online Coaching will allow all such candidates to fulfill their dreams. It's just a matter of time that government recognizes such mode and considers these as a " legitimate " way to gain full time degree from university.

Mary Thomas

Mary Thomas

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