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QuickBooks Error 1601 and Its Solution

QuickBooks Error 1601 and Its Solution

QuickBooks Error 1601 is a common QuickBooks installation error. You will get then error when the installation update and the error code messages appears on your screen:

“Error 1601: Windows Installer is not accessible”.

However, there are some basic things that the user might know about this error.

Why QuickBooks Error 1601 does occur?

There are several reasons behind the QuickBooks error 1601 that is mentioned below:

  • This error may occur when windows get infected with an endemic attack to associate software package.
  • It occurs when your downloaded QuickBooks file is faulty.
  • When the Microsoft Installer is corrupt.
  • When there is no permission to put in the QuickBooks system or a Windows Operating System.
  • Also occurs when all the files are bolted.
  • All programs area unit infected with a malware result in error 1601 as well.

How to resolve Java Install Error 1601 to Help Install QuickBooks?

There are various solutions to this. Here are some of them that could fix “Error 1601: Windows Installer is not accessible” for once and all:

Solution 1:

  • Go to window icon on Desktop and click on it.
  • Search ‘msc’ and press enter
  • Go to the properties on the Startup-Type.
  • Verify the option is ‘DISABLED’. If it is so, then select the option as ‘Enable.
  • Now click on ‘SERVICE STATUS’ and then set it to ‘START’ to enable Windows.
  • If this error occurred due to Windows installer, then this will solve the issue for you. If not, we have a couple of more solutions to such issues.

Solution 2:

  • Go to the Start button and enter ‘cmd’ to open Command Prompt option.
  • Then type, “msi.exe/unregister”. Press Enter key and close the command prompt window.
  • Now Logout out of Windows and restart the computer. The user then has to install the program that caused the Windows Installer service error.

Solution 3:

  • Click on Start button or press the Window + R button and ‘çmd’.
  • Now type ‘exe/unreg’ in command prompt and click on OK.
  • When dialogue box is popped up asking for confirmation, then user can click on OK to confirm.
  • Then again click on the START button and then use the Windows + R button.
  • In the command prompt, type ‘exe/regserver’ and then click OK
  • Click on OK again once the confirmation message appears and then confirm if java install error 1601 QuickBooks still persist or not, by installing the software application. If not, then the user needs to download the new version of windows installer.

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