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Marketing Mix Modeling for Pharma Brands

Marketing Mix Modeling for Pharma Brands

Marketing is a tangible way to maximise the return on investment in the production and sales of products or services offered by any company, be it a small start-up or big MNC or corporates, of any industry. But, the Pharmaceutical industry is an exception in Marketing. This industry is way behind the customary consumer marketing industries, like consumer embalmed goods and over-the-counter commodities. To bridge the gaps between marketing and pharmaceutical industries, they are acclimating their central point and methodology to accommodate this customer-led transferal in their marketing mix. The marketing mix is a clean combination of 4Ps of marketing; in the old approach, the 4Ps were – Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. The newest 4Ps of the marketing mix have Predictive Modelling, Personalisation, Peer-to-Peer (Socialisation), and Participation.

New 4Ps Marketing mix of pharmaceutical company

The new 4Ps marketing mix's focal point is on the packaging, interpretation, and commodification of information. All the concerning factors must be defined and sketched in terms of controllability from a pharmaceutical company's standpoint.

The pharmaceutical marketers control the old 4Ps, while the marketer and consumer share control the new 4Ps of the pharmaceutical company's marketing mix. With the trend and growing demand and need for marketing trends, several pharmaceutical companies are leaning towards adopting the new 4Ps. These companies are experiencing great success in the transition of the new paradigm shift of marketing mix.

1. Predictive Modelling

One of the initial steps of marketing is to collect data from different sources for evaluation and inference purpose. Predictive modelling is simply the data mining process required to mine and gather data with statistical techniques. The method enables pharmaceutical marketers to infer, utilise, and optimise the data to influence the pharmaceutical companies' upcoming behaviour and results.

2. Personalisation

Personalisation marketing stresses promoting the patient's satisfaction and uses enhanced messaging techniques to provide maximum benefits to the patient's treatment cycle. Using this marketing mix method, a pharmaceutical company can provide all the required and necessary information with appropriate language and visuals to their patients based on their treatment and demographic profile.

3. Peer-to-Peer (Socialisation)

Peer-to-Peer (Socialisation) centres on the democratisation of brands and products. For pharmaceutical companies, the method emphasises leveraging key opinion leaders and influencers, providing relevant values and information, connecting patients, and developing share-worthy and dedicated content and assets for the pharmaceutical company.

4. Participation

On a public forum, the Participation method educates the consumers on the brand entity and brand insights and importance. The technique uses advanced and innovative technological innovations to push customers to actively participate in various marketing activities related to brand advertising, product promotion and use. For pharmaceutical companies, the method emphasises -

  • Providing stakeholders what they want to make their situations better
  • Monitoring and continuous gauging for new insights and opportunities
  • Offering connection to what stakeholders believe in developing share-worthy and dedicated tools assets that allow user control

But, you might be thinking about why the marketing mix is essential for pharmaceutical companies? Might be wondering how the pharmaceutical marketing company enhances the marketing strategies in revenue, sales, and demand of the pharmaceutical industry? Well, we have got all your answers on the benefits of marketing mix optimisation.

Benefits of the pharmaceutical marketing mix

Marketing mix modelling is a useful tool that studies the efficacy of marketing campaigns and tactics in leveraging its business performance. It works as a gauge used to elect the decisions and made on an organisation's marketing schemes. Interesting right! Let's have an insight into some of the benefits of marketing mix optimisation in the pharmaceutical industry.

It will help adapt the latest and customised marketing mix approach based on the company's data – sales, pricing, promotion, distribution, and sampling while improving the ability to enumerate marketing effectiveness of various channels and incidents concerning ROI, revenue, contributions, and incremental sales.

It will help identify a comprehensive collection of suitable predictors that will result in a more accurate locale of response factors.

It will facilitate the evaluation of the contribution of every single marketing goings-on to the new recommendations.


So, the above write-up might have enlightened you on the marketing mix of a pharmaceutical company and the need for adapting the new 4Ps of the marketing mix with the help of a pharmaceutical marketing company. Subsequently, focus on strategising your pharmaceutical company's marketing approach by adapting the most recent and latest marketing mix modelling approach. So, are you one of the budding or vintage pharmaceutical companies searching for the best and trustworthy pharmaceutical marketing company that offers a customised approach towards building a strategic and analytical marketing mix of pharmaceutical companies? It would then be best to opt for Amuratech to trust the pharmaceutical marketing mix approach to balance the paradigm shift in the marketing mix pharmaceutical industry.

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