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Where to find real estate auctions What agents participate in a judicial auction?

Where to find real estate auctions What agents participate in a judicial auction?

Where to find real estate auctions

There are several ways to know which real estate is auctioned, its characteristics, starting prices, deposits, dates of celebration ... but not all of them are equally effective.

Before starting to mention those media, addresses or centers where we can find information on properties that are going to go up for auction, it is convenient to clarify what a public auction of homes is.

A public auction of real estate is a procedure where a house, chalet, plot, etc ... is put up for sale and thanks to which it is awarded to the buyer who has offered the highest price. Obviously, being public, everyone can participate in the bidding.

These public auctions can be classified into three types: judicial auctions, notarial auctions or administrative auctions.

find auctions once the nature of the real estate auctions has been clarified, we can cite those organizations, pages or means where to locate the information of properties that are going to be auctioned.

First of all, it should be mentioned that this type of information is widely distributed and is difficult to find.

The first way is through the daily publications of the BOE (Official State Gazette) and, from time to time, in the Official Gazette of the relevant Autonomous Community and on rare occasions of the province in question.

We can also find information in the periodic tables, they are usually monthly, which issue both the treasury and social security. They include some seized assets and the dates of the auctions.

On the notice boards of the court buildings in each locality, the auction edicts and their days of celebration are also available to the public.

Another way is to search the web pages of the different official state bodies.

But undoubtedly one of the most effective, quick, and easy is through the website and the ways search auction. In it you will find the largest database of real estate auctions with all the information and all the data that you are interested in knowing before holding an auction. And all this for free.

Auction finder

Once you know the alternatives in the search for real estate auctions, you only need to find the home you wanted.

What agents participate in a judicial auction?

Much is said about judicial auctions in all media, but it is very possible that you do not know everything about them to be able to understand them perfectly or simply to decide to participate in one of them.

Well, in order to help you in this task, today we are going to talk about the agents who participate in a judicial auction.

The first that we are going to name is the executing party, which is the one that promotes the execution process, that is, the person or physical entity that begins the process of seizing the property that will later be offered in the judicial auction. Within this important actor of judicial auctions, we can find two important branches: banks and the rest.

On the other hand, we find the person or persons executed, who are those who have not been able to meet the payment of the property debt, so the executing party (who is who receives this payment) starts the auction process. These can be both natural persons and legal persons, and affects both real estate and commercial premises, warehouses….

Once we have the two affected parties in a judicial auction, we are going to talk about all those agents who intervene to solve and carry out the auction.

Those in charge of all the paperwork, laws and jurisprudence are the judges, who dictate the sentence and decide the resolution of the embargo, the lawyers of the two parties and the attorneys, those who are in charge of expediting all the procedures collaborating with the organs judicial and offering information to both parties. Judicial auction

The entire real estate issue is carried out by appraisers, experts and real estate agents. Each one with its function, either the assessment of the state of the property, monetary valuation of an asset or communication that said asset is for sale and subsequent marketing.

Property registrars are the ones who handle the documents in the land registry. This figure is very important in the case of judicial auctions since property records are widely consulted to know the current status of the repossessed home.

Finally, we are going to talk about all those who can attend and/or participate in judicial auctions. At first, we can find within these, three well-differentiated branches: auction professionals, investors and the general public. The first are professional people who are dedicated to this, the second people who seek to make a good investment and finally, the general public is usually called final consumers, people in particular who are interested in a good and go to the auction to see if they are done with it.

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