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10 Best Web Development Trends in 2021 that You Should Know

10 Best Web Development Trends in 2021 that You Should Know

Shortly, if you were asked by one of your customers about the latest web development trends you are following – how will you answer such a question. There are around 8.1 billion websites over the internet with impeccable strategies to take their business to high cotton. Don't you want to know where your business stands in the crowd?

It’s worth noting that the technological advancements we’re a part of are bringing a paradigm shift in our lives too. For instance, look to your past when there were no social media around us. The change in the technological landscape was to be prompt and deliver efficacy at our customers' doorsteps.

Nowadays, several businesses are not aware of the trends going around them. We present this article formulating the necessary question and a list of best web development trends to florescence your business.

How to Learn about the Web Development Trends to follow?

Earlier, finding what’s trending was difficult, but it’s as easy as a snap now. All you need is to give particular hours researching websites with one unique set of features fused in it. Then, make a list of the features you have found. Once done, read a bit about the trends, including their origin, present, and how they will shape things in the coming future. While performing this practice, you’ll come closer to know more about your existing buyer personas, and you will learn about your audiences and their interest. It’s the practice that I’ve been doing for a long and has resulted in efficacy.

As you can easily find out the latest web development trends going around you, but now I’ve arranged a few trends that you must look into this 2021. Do you want to know what they are? Let’s read.

10 Best Web Development Trends of 2021

Nowadays, customers stick out to the website whose content and layout is attractive. Let’s have a look at the web development trends to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Mobile-First Design

Mobile-first design is the potential web development trend one has discovered so far. Nowadays, people spend more time on social media apps accessed via their mobile. In recent reports, the average user spends 2 hours 55 minutes on their screen. So, mobile-first design is something that has captured the interest of many developers around the world.

Mobile-first design is more than the responsiveness of the user experiences. Earlier the priority was to develop a website first; after that, the developers shift their focus to mobile app development. According to the updates released by Google for search engine rankings, it also states that the mobile-first design is a ranking factor for websites to improve SERP performance.

Unleashing Creativity

You might have observed the trend of mixing graphics with images and texts. Generally, these are used to display the product or service images to stimulate the sense of delivering efficacy. Such creativity adds seriousness to the product or service, and the things start to appear as once matter of interest.

Apart from this, you might have seen organizations such as Google and others use asymmetric shapes, like the ground, wind, river, road, and other figures. Unlike regular shape dividers, organic shapes can be resembled by a user in a better way.


WebAssembly made its debut in 2015 and gained popularity right after Goggle prioritized user experience and web performance for improved search engine rankings. For higher security and this reason, many businesses seemed to adopt this trend sooner.

Motion UI

Motion UI is quite a popular web development trend in 2021 a business must adopt. It aims to deliver animations on the website to make it look attractively informative with a soothing user-friendly environment.

Apart from it, Motion UI can be implemented anywhere in the website, including headers, menu bar, scrolling, hovers, backgrounds, etc. This trend makes scrolling fun and allows a visitor to focus on all mains easily. Motion UI is already in the movement since 2020, and it will break all the boundaries to continue in 2021 and ahead.

3D Visuals

When you’re searching for this web development trend, it will always be going to be in common for all. Three-dimensional (3D) visuals on your website can enhance the quality and look more pleasing to your customers. Generally, 3D elements are added to attract the customers and deliver efficacy at higher satisfaction. Afore a few years, adding 3D visuals to your website was costly, and not every business had enough to invest in it. But now, as the world seemed tech up, you can easily fuse elements to add 3D visuals to your website at an affordable cost.

One Page Website

It one of the most popular web development trends a business must focus on this 2021. Long story short, one-page websites can wonder wonders for individuals, portfolios, freelancers, brochure websites, startups, and specific product sites. The one-page website is so purposeful and useful that it consumes less space, navigation is not required, users find all relatable information on one page. That is why, many businesses are looking for the web development services in India to make their business florescence.

Many individuals, freelancers, and startups are more attracted to one-page websites. They are easier to manage and get quickly developed. As you’ve judged so far, web development trends in 2021 make things easier and simple, accessible, convenient, and less hassle-free for users. Eventually, it will help you gain more potential customers.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWAs are the necessity of modern-day businesses. It is a website technological development that has both the benefits of a native app and a traditional website. The most advantageous factor of having a PWA is that it works great even when you’re offline and enables faster loading, responsiveness, and an app-like experience. The most famous companies that rely on this website development technology are Twitter and Uber.

Voice UI

I’m sure you’ve had fun conversations with either Alexa, Ok Google, or Siri. Voice user interface is one of the web development trends that has gained the user's interest in its early stages. Nowadays, users prefer to use voice search instead of typing what they are looking for. With voice search advancements, you can now easily order your choice by naming the product with the website name.

Interactive and Responsive Elements

It is the question of every newcomer that how you can engage the visitors at the first impression. My answer will be you can have highly interactive and responsive elements fused in your website. It’s simple. Isn't it? At first, it looks simple because nowadays, there are drag and drop features available

to use while developing a website. But that’s not the game. Interactive and responsive elements are not easy to implement but expensive, thereby it grabs user attention quickly.

Dark Mode and Low Light

You all are familiar with the dark mode and low light concept. It's in trend for a couple of years and will continue to dominate in 2021. Dark Mode is a feature that allows a user to navigate your website even in the daytime seamlessly. The dark mode still needs to travel a long way. But for now, the user needs to go to the settings section to change the day mode to dark mode. Eventually, in the near future, the mode will automatically detect and will shift to either day or dark the same way used by Twitter once turned on.

In conclusion, web development trends in 2021 will be all about simple, eye-catching, and fast websites. The points mentioned above are of utmost consideration, so you as a business must keep updated on the latest trends going around you. If you own a traditional website, revamping it - the only option if you don't want a negative impact of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website.

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