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Android V/s iPhone: 6 Reasons Android is Better

Android V/s iPhone: 6 Reasons Android is Better

Android or iPhone, which one is better? Well, the debate is never-ending and proliferating. With the latest software versions and updates, the craze among all the smartphone users refuses to settle down.

iPhone owners claim that their phones are the best as they provide exceptional security features and advanced functionalities. At the same time, the Android users are boastful about the price and plethora of features an Android can provide effortlessly. Year after year, the percentage of tech freaks developing interest in this interesting topic is increasing. But the point is, are they reaching a decision?

Well, I am afraid to say that this debate has taken over the world yet, the conclusion seems nowhere in the proximity. What should a person do then? How do they decide where they should put their hard-earned money to- Android or iPhone? Or even if they are not buying, there has to be a conclusion of it.

In this digital era, one must know about the basics of such cosmopolitical topics. If you are looking for an answer, then you have come to the absolute correct place. The article below pretty well describes full-proof reasons why Android is better than iPhone. Without making you wait much, I am gonna start with the reasons that justify my verdict.

Why Android is better than iPhone- Debunked!

The way you like it- Customization

‘Unconditional’ is the word when it comes to what all you can do to beautify or alter the appearance of your Android completely. There are endless apps and features you can get in an Android phone that lets you beautify your phone the way you want. May it be Marvels or the DC, you can put whatever you like. There are no limits or impositions or protocols that you should follow to get it going. Just download the app for your need and you are good to go.

Whereas in an iPhone you are restricted to perform such activities. You will have to abide by the set protocol for the internal appearance of your phone.

More Free Stuff

There are restrictions on the App Store of the iPhone where you cannot download all the apps for free. For using most of the apps, you will have to pay a price. Moreover, sone of the apps are free to use but with limitations. You are doomed in such a case. But well, if you have an Android phone, you get the majority of the apps with full access at no cost! Choose to play your favorite games or read books or listen to your favorite songs for free on your Android phone.

Cheap on pocket

Okay, using a smartphone and still hasn’t seen or heard any of those ‘kidney jokes’ for iPhone? Impossible. This joke, however, is not completely absurd as you definitely have to pay a hefty price if you are thinking to buy an iPhone. Even the cheapest of the latest iPhone models can cost you a fortune. Whereas when you look at the Android segment, it comes in a good price range, ranging from lowest to the highest. You can choose any price slab as per your budget and the cherry on the cake is, you still get the latest features which may not be the same in case of an iPhone.

Multiple models and designs

Just like the price range, Android has spoiled its users for good. Android models in the market come in so many different designs, colors, specifications, and models that you’ll be confused about which one to buy. You will have a handful of models with different colors and specifications in a specific price range. In an iPhone, you do not have as many options as in the Android app. It is all very limited in iPhone. Again the ball lands in Android’s court.


It is true that you can do a lot more stuff on an Android compared to that on an iPhone. Android provides you with complete accessibility of altering its code and literally ‘do whatever you want to do’ with it. On the other hand, you do not get to do whatever you want to do with an iPhone. I have even read about a technical geek who was running iOS on his Android! In fact, it is not an impossible task. Games and apps on Android are fathomless, but on an iPhone, it is all very congested.

Clearing cache

Accumulation of cache is an inherent trait of all the smartphones. But in Android, there are options with which you can either manually clear the cache or you can simply use android cleaner apps that work diligently to optimize the performance of your Android. When you look for the same in an iPhone, you have limited options for doing it. And even if you are able to find such options, they will not work to the best on an iPhone.


This is all about from my side to justify why using an Android comes with its own advantages. I am not denying the reliability of security features on an iPhone but these days even Android is working hard to keep up with the security measures. And these measures are working really well in the market. This is why I prefer buying an Android to iPhone.

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