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How Beginners Can Start to Learn Quran Online?

How Beginners Can Start to Learn Quran Online?

Learning Quran is not an easy task for complete beginners. But you don’t need to have a higher IQ to learn Quran. Anyone can learn Quran with proper guidance.

Here in this article on learning Quran for beginners, I have come up with some proven tips that help significantly for learning Quran.

If you are serious about learning Quran, then let’s know about these tips without wasting any time.

Tips for learning Quran for beginners

Here are few Quran learning tips for beginners, and they are;

First, learn to read Arabic

When you try to learn Quran, you need to go through a lot of theories. This may feel overwhelming for you. But if you have knowledge of the Arabic language, then you won’t feel overwhelmed.

That’s why it is recommended for everyone to learn the Arabic language first before start learning Quran.

Furthermore, you will feel interested in learning Quran if you already know Arabic.

Listen Quran while reading

For beginners, it is a great technique. This technique tells you to read Quran then listen to that verse. It will help you to check the difference between your punctuation and listen one. Therefore, you can judge and improve your reading.

Moreover, it will help you a lot with Quran memorization because some people have greater learning efficiency through listening. It also helps keep the Quran in your memory for a long time as you listen regularly.

Not just learn, try to understand it

Quran is a guidebook from Almighty Allah. Through Quran, we seek to get closer to Allah. But people forget that the main aim of the Quran is not just reading, reciting, and memorizing. It is a practical thing. You have to learn things and implement that in your real life.

Now the question comes into mind how can I implement it if I don’t understand. That’s why you have to understand what you are reading in Quran. If you understand what you are reading in Quran, then you can apply that in your practical life.

It not only helps you in your practical life but also helps you learn Quran more effectively. If you understand what you are reading in Quran, it will make you interested learn further.

Moreover, if you are learning Quran memorizing, it will help you keep that in your memory because you understand what it is and not just memorize a few Arabic words and sentences.

Be patient

Everything takes time to achieve this goes the same with Quran learning. You have to be very patient with learning Quran. You should never think that you should learn Quran in a hurry. You must learn Quran purely. If you learn Quran fast, you won’t be able to read it properly. Therefore, it will lose the motive of Quran learning.

So, be patient while learning Quran.

Read regularly

Do you know why a river cuts through rocks?

Because of its persistence, yes, you’re reading right. If you want to achieve anything in your life, you have to be consistent with that. It same goes with learning Quran.

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend learning Quran. You have to give time regularly. It is better to give one hour every day rather than three hours on two days every week.

It is a great lesson for learning Quran.

Take help when you stuck with something

When you are learning Quran, make sure that there is always someone to help you correct your mistakes.

It is normal that you will make mistakes while reading. If you don’t correct your mistakes while reading, then you will learn Quran inaccurately. That’s why you have to ensure that someone can help when you read Quran.

It could be anyone you take this help from your family person. Even you can take help from mobile apps. This day’s mobile apps can help you to learn Quran like a teacher.

Final words

Here in this article on learning Quran for beginners, I have provided some effective tips. Tips such as patient, regularity, Quran understanding, and Arabic learning are great for beginners. If you follow these tips, you will be able to learn Quran easily and quickly.   

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