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Decorative Window Solar Film Singapore

Decorative Window Solar Film Singapore

Decorative adhesive film changes the appearance of the interior. Using it on the window means the curtain is gone with a fabric design that enhances the interior of the room. But decorative window films have helped to create a niche market and more and more people for artistic beauty, which allows them to get natural light without sacrificing. 

They are able to easily transform the look of a room and bring much-needed natural beauty that a myriad of styles and prints can provide.

Decorative self-adhesive solar film Singapore is relatively cheaper than non-adhesive static vinyl films. But the self-adhesive film lasts longer and looks more attractive. 

It's also easy to install, very energy-efficient, and it's easy to remove if you want to switch to another design that goes well with any room décor.

 Most of the time, this type of decorative film is useful for homeowners who want to replicate the interior regularly or over time. These countless design decorative films fit perfectly into any changing interior.

This is the most common decorative film with a non-glued variety. While the non-adhesive film is vinyl. But the self-adhesive film will be polyester. In the past, self-adhesive film and paper were used to stick to the glass panels of windows.

 When applying the decorative window film, you must first clean the surface of the glass so that it is free from dust and stains. After you remove the foil from the supplied backing paper, you can stick it on the glass surface.

Air bubbles and water remain trapped under the surface of the film to be peeled off. After that, the film must be dried. Usually, self-adhesive films have a thickness of 0.2 mm and are self-adhesive. 

Sometimes the removal can be messy if the glue sticks. The adhesive is very strong using a self-adhesive decorative film. It usually hangs upright when removed from the liner.

Decorate Windows or Glass Doors with a Stained Glass Film

When decorating your home, don't try to keep repeating things all the time. Sometimes you want to try new things, new designs, and new layouts that are more functional and interesting than anything you've known for a long time. 

Maybe I have the right queue here to help you out in case you have no idea. I'm thinking about stained glass film. This decorating technique is relatively new and it's just a subtle design that won't mess up your home. Here are some things you can use.

Why use stained glass foil?

These types of window films can give luxury to your glass doors or windows. One of the most popular designs is flowers. After the film is applied to the glass, the window will have a frosted or frosted appearance. No matter what design you choose, this stained glass foil will add a touch of privacy to your home. 

Outside people will not be able to see what's inside. And at the same time, some window films can help keep your home cooler during warmer days due to their energy-saving capabilities. Another very important use of stained glass foil is to effectively reflect ultraviolet rays and protect your family from these harmful rays.

Types of stained glass film

There are two main types of window films, one is "frosted" and the other is "embedded" and for those who want to get involved in their design, they often combine both matte and etched looks to create a good-looking finish. Others actually have the idea of ​​putting it on the glass first and then you can cut it on the glass and work on it. It really looks like stained glass! Sweet, right ?! Not to mention that they are much cheaper than real stained-glass windows.

Where to use it!

This decorative film can be used with almost anything in your homemade glass. You can twist them to simply cut them into pieces, add them as borders and/or as your home accent. But despite the flexibility of these inexpensive stained glass alternatives, make sure you pair them with your home's color theme, or the trend can be overwhelming. Use the correct stained glass film in the correct place - people with too much light or very little design.

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